200 x Photovoltaik Kit - PV-set 230-250Wp - Plug and save system for the socket - All-in one (One 40 ft. container EXW Hilden/Germany)

One 40 ft. container EXW Hilden with 200 x CareCel PVK230-250P pv-kits – The complete pv-system for home! Plug & Save System/Set NEW – Original packed from insolvency Made in Germany / Austria. The PV set consists of the following components: • Photovoltaic module Energetica 230-250Wp (Made in Austria) • New and original packed from insovency • AEconversion micro inverter INV250-45 • ABB fuse box (type:DS201 C2) with AC cable and SchuKo plug for the socket • Mounting material for facades and (flat) roofs • two galvanized steel bars including fixing material • Everything completely packed in one carton - weight approx. 40 Kg • 10 boxes/cartons on a pallet – 1700 x 1100 x 1600 mm Weight: 400Kg • RRP of the German manufacturer 679,00 EUR excl. Shipping costs • End customer prices on the internet between 700-1,000EUR • Original GERMAN manufacturer page: http://shop.care-energy.de/care-energy-carecel-die-komplette-solaranlage.html CareCel is a plug-in photovoltaic (Plug & Save) set/system that helps you and the environment to cut costs and burdens. • Protect the environment • Save a lot of money • Produce and consume easily your own electrical power • Simply install your own PV power plant • Be a role model for others • Improve the environment – Yes, we can! The PV sets are in the inflow in our warehouse and are available from the end of January 2018! Insolvency / liquidation goods are free of guarantees or warranties. Quantities may vary. no withdrawals. It is always: BOUGHTast seen – No reclamation acceptable!

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