Safe 35kv/400v cast resin electrical transformers 1500kva

1 Our SC(B) series epoxy resin cast dry transformer is cast under vacuum with thin insulating bands automatically. 2 The core is made of high-permeable grain-orientated silicon sheet and cast with imported epoxy resin. 3 The coil is reinforced with glass fiber and cast under vacuum with filer epoxy resin. 4 The high- and low-voltage systems are cast under vacuum, thus the coil will not absorb moisture. 5 The clamps of core are subjected to corrosion-resistant treatment and it may run under high temperature or other serious environments. 6 Flame retardancy, explosion-proof and no environmental contamination. 7 Gas duct is embedded inside it to enhance the radiation power and over-load capacity. 8 Low loss and low noise. 9 It highly withstands short-circuit and lightning impact. 10 Small in volume, light in weight, safe in running and free of maintenace. 11 As per users' requirements the transformer may be provided with casing and blower fan

High Voltage Power

By Alice Jiu