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  • purshase-request

    Country : Egypt
    Publish date : 3/27/19
  • Tender for East Rusafa Line Municipalities 132 KV

    Country : Iraq
    Publish date : 2/27/19
  • Supply and Installation of Solar system at Pre Matric Hostel, Kozhinjambara in Palakkad Disrict

    Country : Afghanistan
    Publish date : 2/25/19
  • Fourniture et d’installation de matériels de climatisation et d’éclairage dans les pharmacies populaires de l’ONPPC et à l’ENSP (Niger)

    Country : Niger
    Publish date : 2/7/19
  • For repairing of 10 KVA Damage Transformer at Mirzapur Workshop

    Country : India
    Publish date : 1/25/19
  • Supply of Fare Extinguishers for 400 KV Sub-Station Agra under ETC Agra

    Country : India
    Publish date : 1/24/19
  • Supply and Installation of 9KW and 3KW Solar on Grid Power Plants in Kidangoor Grama Panchayath, Kottayam

    Country : India
    Publish date : 1/24/19
  • Besoin d'une offre techinco -financière pour matériels électriques

    Country : Senegal
    Publish date : 1/22/19
  • Supply, Erection and Commissioning of 106 nos of 3M long single arm decorative Type Lamp post with 35W LED Post Top Luminaries in the Foot path of Asramam Mythanam in KOLLAM CORPORATION

    Country : India
    Publish date : 1/22/19
  • luminaires d'éclairage public

    Country : Burkina Faso
    Publish date : 1/16/19
  • Travaux de réalisation d’éclairage publics au niveau du jardin au voisinage da la RN 04 (groupement d’oran).

    Country : Algeria
    Publish date : 1/15/19
  • 5000 lampadaires solaires pour éclairage de voirie

    Country : Gabon
    Publish date : 1/10/19
8-11 October Milan, Italy
Sunday, January 24, 2021

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E-electricity is a gateway to a wide variety of electrical equipment companies from all over the world. Besides, the platform is a channel that links suppliers and buyers. The expert team of customer care services provides premium quality of market inspection capacities. The team speeds the connections between market actors and creates fruitful collaborations. All types of suppliers are welcome to subscribe. Namely if you were a manufacturer, vendor, retailer, wholesaler, reseller, distributor, dropshipper, importer or an exporter, we strongly advise you to register. Following your registration and the creation of your company profile, you will be eligible to numerous pertinent services.

Electrical Business Opportunities

In e-electricity, there are plenty of business opportunities in the sector of energy and notably in electricity. The range of tenders provided in the platform is unlimited, as it comprises electrical governmental procurements, energy private tenders, RFVQ, RFP, RFQ, and ITT. We offer a solid information base where details, deadlines, documents and materials are displayed clearly. E-electricity offers to its subscribers the entire set they would need to be a contract winner. At the end, it is important to mention that many other customized services are available. E-electricity is your portal to receive worldwide tenders’ updates and be a global leader in your domain.