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Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is one of the most affordable renewable energy sources. People worldwide has to prevent the energy loss by, indeed, discovering the alternative. Thus, biomass energy is extremely useful and unlimited. From biomass, big companies are generating electricity as one the most needed energy. Organic materials, which are derived from animals, plants, crops and garbage, are burned and transformed into green electrical energy. Biomass is for sure the energy of the future. Hence, is trying to provide you of the top list of biomass energy suppliers. The platform is totally free and non-binding, you only have to sign up and find your biomass energy supplier at once.

Ecologicliving Ltd

EcoLogicLiving, founded in 2008, are based in Cumbria, and our installation area currently includes Northern England and South West Scotland.

We supply an extensive range of top quality branded products, including biomass boilers, heatpumps, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems which are backed by long-term manufacturer’s warranties. Our extensive in house team, technical knowledge and wide portfolio of products enables us to supply exactly the right system for your home, school or business premises.

Our service is turn-key; from conception through design, supply, installation and post installation servicing, we are with you from start to finish, understanding the pressures that our customers face.

We additionally have an in house specialist team for the successful completion of GreenDeal, RHI and FiT applications for both domestic and commercial clients.

We have completed hundreds of installs, and are very happy to count some eminent businesses and properties as part of our portfolio. You can view a small selection of installs on our case studies pages.

EcoLogicLiving was set up in 2008, following on from a successful property development business. The business has been expanding ever since, and its recent growth has been financially supported by 350 Investment Partners who advise the Carbon Trust  on its clean energy venture capital investment activities and manage the North West Fund for Energy and Environmental.

It’s actually our team who make us what we are, so just click on the image below to meet the team!

E.&S.+E. Kft. (

With the help of the technical equipment produced for this purpose, we can utilize the sun's rays: using solar cells, which can be used to generate electricity, and by means of solar collectors, which can be used to produce heat in a modern way.

Coenergia Srl

Coenergia Srl was created to cope with the increasing demand and search for technical support from designers and installers in the electrical, thermal and construction sectors.

To do this it makes use of the experience gained in the field by its founders who have thus decided to continue contributing to an ever-increasing spread of the eco-friendly energy philosophy.

We deal with the distribution and sale of photovoltaic material , produced thermal and thermodynamic air conditioning and heating smart technologies e-mobility , produced for l ' lighting and appliances to energy saving .

Big Solar S.A.

BIGSOLAR SA was founded in 2009 and is active in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving. BIGSOLAR's product portfolio includes photovoltaic system equipment, air-to-water and geothermal heat pumps, central cooling / heating systems, natural gas and biomass boilers, cogeneration, solar and hybrid PV systems, energy storage systems and equipment LED lighting for every use.

BIGSOLAR is one of the largest one-stop shops in the field of photovoltaic systems, cooling / heating and energy saving systems. 
It cooperates with the largest and most reliable producers in the world, and maintains stocks capable of immediate deliveries. 
In addition to its commercial activity, BIGSOLAR is active in: 
• The development, study, construction and management of photovoltaic power plants 
• The study and execution of energy saving projects 
• The study-planning and elaboration of lighting studies, technical and economic studies and the provision of EPC / turn-key solutions lighting 
• Design, study, construction and management of biomass and biogas plants

BayWa r.e.

At BayWa r.e. we r.e. think energy – solar, wind, and bioenergy.

We are at the forefront of a global energy transition. Every day we are finding new solutions, pushing technological boundaries and redefining service standards that are helping to make renewable energy even better. Not only looking to what comes next, but actively shaping it.

Experienced companies from the renewables sector were integrated in 2009. Together they formed the successful BayWa r.e. brand.

Today, BayWa r.e. is a leading global renewable energy developer, service supplier, wholesaler and energy solutions provider. We have operations throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, and are strategically investing in new and emerging markets. We also have the financial backing of BayWa AG, a EUR 16 billion business established for over 90 years.

We offer end-to-end project solutions that encompass initial planning and consultation, project development, turnkey construction, and ongoing technical and commercial operations management.  

Our expertise, creativity and a knowledge base is built on the experience of successfully bringing over 2 GW of renewable energy online and managing 5 GW of renewable assets around the globe.

We are working with businesses and organisations, from the private and public sector, all over the world to help them reduce their carbon footprint and drive down their energy costs.

BayWa r.e. is also a leading system supplier to the solar wholesale market, having built our reputation by offering a comprehensive range of products, supported by industry leading customer support and advice.

Arvis Solar Ltd.

The ARVIS SOLAR Ltd. , a subsidiary of ARBIS ENVIRONMENTAL ENTERPRISES OF GREECE SA , belongs to the Environmental Business Group "ARVIS" and is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 
The products and services offered include the following.

  • Application design, equipment procurement, efficient and long-term maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, small wind farms and biomass power plants
  • Energy upgrading of buildings for significant energy and money saving - integration into funded projects by the largest Greek banks and the European Union
  • Construction of a high energy energy Eco-energy house with modern quality materials and built-in photovoltaic system and solar water heater
  • Introduction and distribution in Greece of the two-axis tracker systems of Solar-Trak GmbH

We provide full technical support from specialized engineers and technical staff both in the design phase of our products and in the construction and long-term maintenance phase.

Alternative Energiesysteme Oberberg GmbH

Since 1999, we have been dealing with the topic "Utilization of renewable energies", initially exclusively in the field of photovoltaics. Gradually, the range of solar systems, fully automatic wood heating, rainwater harvesting systems and combined heat and power plants were added through numerous training courses.

We had to learn quickly that these topics are based on state-of-the-art and innovative technology that requires thorough training for meaningful use.

By this we mean that this technology can not be installed "just by the way". From our understanding, the basis for dealing with this technology is the knowledge of the need to regenerate more and more energy in the future and thus to be environmentally friendly in order to conserve resources and "save" them for more important applications.

This results in a detailed, well-founded planning of each individual plant, which implements the conditions such as location, user behavior, etc., without loss of comfort, in a specially tailored system.

In January 2002, we completed the necessary step towards becoming a specialist company for energy-saving systems. The construction of such facilities is our main field of activity. Consequently, almost all the systems we offer are already in use here, since 1999 a solar system for hot water heating and heating support.

Aguidrovert SL

AGUIDROVERT, SL has focused its efforts from the beginning on satisfying its customers. It was founded in 1999 as a family business and since then it has tried to give value to all the actions it has undertaken.


From the first years, the goal of establishing itself as a company specializing in the area of ​​the environment was marked. From that beginning, the company specialized in renewable energies to the point of being a pioneer in Spain in the design of solar energy and biomass installations.


AGUIDROVERT, SL is a founding member of the Association of Solar Energy Companies of Aragon, exercising the chairmanship of it since its founding.


Currently, the AGUIDROVERT activity has focused on the design and technical inspection of renewable energy and energy efficiency facilities. In fact, one of the most applauded tasks among those carried out by the company is the diffusion of renewable energy between the end user and putting them in contact with the installers of AGUIDROVERT clients.


Throughout its history, AGUIDROVERT, SL has established contacts and collaboration agreements with the main manufacturers worldwide, offering its clients professional advice on a quality product.


But if there is something that really characterizes AGUIDROVERT, it is the support it provides to its customers, putting at your disposal all the know-how of the company and its employees accumulated throughout its successful trajectory.


In addition, we also develop synergies with other architecture and engineering professionals so that we are able to undertake more complex projects with total guarantee in the final result for the client.

Inove Ecoenergia S.l

INOVE ECOENERGÍA is a Spanish company that focuses in renewable energy. The expertise of the company is in the domain of marketing, installation, maintenance of various equipment. The specialties of renewable energy which the company deals with are thermal solar, photovoltaic, wind and thermodynamic. The team can face any challenge or requirement its customer ask for thanks to its skills and knowledge. They also implement hybrid systems (wind and solar), biomass equipment supply, fire protection, water treatment, electrical services, plumbing, telecommunication, etc. The team is highly qualified and the company has large capacities of service provision. 

Ecogreen Energy

Ecogreen Energy is a subsidiary of China Jinjiang Environment Holding. The company first target was the international scale operations. CJE holding is founded in 1983. In 1998 CJE was the first in china to implement an incineration power plant in China. This long journey of commitment and professionalism led to the creation of Ecogreen Energy. The latter is active across India. The company is specialized in waste management and the transformation of that waste into useable energies. The team provides innovative ideas of waste management and conversion into biomass energy. Whether transformed into gas or electricity the company is able to make waste a useful energy source.