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High Voltage Capacitors and Filters

You might know that capacitors are vital part in every electronic device. You might also know that without high voltage capacitors you would not be able to filter frequencies and signals. In addition to that, the technological advancement, which made computers present in every office and every house, made also their electrical components fundamental in the industrial world. In this spectrum, the manufacturing of capacitors has become irreplaceable. Concerning that, if you are in search of high voltage capacitors and filters suppliers all over the world, enjoy a free registration in e-electricity and find out a full list of capacitors and filters manufacturers. 

Sree Meenakshi Electricals

Sree Meenakshi Electricals is located in Hyderabad, India. The company designs and supplies a wide range of cargo. Another key point, Sree Meenakshi provides not only a diversified variety of equipment but also it provides high performing services. The list of product comprises capacitors, LT capacitor banks, automatic correction switch panels, hybrid PFC panels, stabilizers, electronics, tubular technology and lead acid batteries. The company is offering specified maintenance and repair services. The team is highly qualified and experienced. Sree Meenakshi ultimate aim is the provision of effective and skillful supply of product and services.

ABB technology SA

ABB is one of the largest providers of products of lighting, electronics, electric automation systems, services and industrial power grids as a whole. Decades of hard work made ABB affiliations multiply across 100 country. Namely this affiliation of Ivory Coast is one the well-known vendors in Africa.  The company is ranked in the top list of electrical equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the marketplace of electricity domains. Leading solutions-oriented software and fully automated systems made ABB a pioneer among its competitors. Their main value has been always integrity. For that reason, reliability and trustworthiness are their guiding lines.

Eu-Parts Companies Group

EU-PARTS is a fusion of a number of companies. Their main branches are in Turkey and Germany.  They have an experience that exceeds 12 years and their variation of networks made the company enlarges rapidly. Essentially, the merger of companies are manufacturing and trading a different variety of products. To enumerate, they produce Axle mounting/steering/wheels, Axle and belt drive, Brake system, Cooling system, Heating and air conditioning, Clutch Parts, Control Cables, Engines, Filters, Fuel supply systems, Suspension parts, Lubricants, Tyres and most importantly Electronics and Batteries. Having a number of regional offices in diversified parts of the world is a great advantage. This provides the suitable flexibility and closeness to customers. The corporation items are based on high technologies and creativity.