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Lighting Equipment

Lighting in general is now most needed commodity worldwide. We distinguish two kinds of lighting outdoor (streetlights) and indoor lighting. Both categories necessitates effective and impartial electrical equipment. Talking about electrical lighting is not restricted to household it is mostly requested in hospitals, hotels, large factories, schools and universities, shops and any other kind of building. The equipment varies according to the sources of energy used to power the lamps. The demand on these products is tremendous. That is the reason why e-electricity provides a set of business opportunities in this domain. Discover the newest  lighting equipment tenders in the world in e-electricity.
Type of notice Reference Title Publish date Deadline Country
Contract Notice2018/S 221-505321Elektrische Lampen und LeuchtenNov 16, 2018Nov 28, 2018Germany
Contract Notice2018/S 221-506199Material de iluminación y lámparas eléctricasNov 16, 2018Feb 16, 2019Spain
Contract Notice2018/S 220-504837Lighting equipment and electric lampsNov 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019Norway
Contract NoticeEXP02Need a catalog on different types of light structures.Nov 15, 2018Spain
Contract Notice2018/S 220-503484Elektrische Lampen und LeuchtenNov 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019Germany
Contract Notice2018/S 220-503548Maszyny, aparatura, urządzenia i wyroby elektryczne; oświetlenieNov 15, 2018Dec 4, 2018Poland
Contract Notice2018/S 220-504732Elektrické zdroje světla a svítidlaNov 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019Czech Republic
Contract Notice2018/S 220-504760Elektrische Maschinen, Geräte, Ausstattung und Verbrauchsartikel; BeleuchtungNov 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019Germany
Contract Notice2018/S 220-504830Display unitsNov 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019Norway
Contract Notice05/2018Fourniture et la pose d'un panneau à message variable et des équipements de signalisation lumineuse horizontale -avenue 09 Avril (entré Bab Saadoun )Apr 22, 2018May 21, 2018Tunisia