Lighting industry is a growing business affair. The significant increase is due to the fact that modern life has considered lighting facilities and equipment a necessity of contemporary living standards. The consumption within the market of  outdoor and indoor Lighting and Lighting Equipment is large. Public and private sectors are consuming electric lighting and looking for more advanced technologies. Mainly that now renewable energy is providing a new source of electrical power. Therefore, electrical lighting could be generated from a sustainable source of power.  E-electricity is offering top lighting equipment companies. Register for free and accede to the largest electricity community in the world. 

EEG Erneuerbare Energien Großhandel GmbH

  • KL! XXpro, the first tool-free mounting system for photovoltaic systems,
  • System FLACHDACH SMART , a mounting system for horizontal module assembly without module mounting profiles and various other mounting solutions for roof mounting,
  • Fall protection devices and attachment points suitable for all roof types, for installers, roofers and chimney sweeps,
  • LED technology.
  • Furthermore, we offer the professional cleaning of your solar systems at a fair price.

Edmundson Electrical Ltd


    We serve the country from over 250 locations, each carrying a comprehensive stock and run by friendly, experienced and highly motivated staff. We value each customer, regardless of size, and are committed to provide a comprehensive, unrivalled service and attention to quality.

    Our customer base includes the following sectors: electrical contractors & engineers, industrial companies, facilities management, government agencies, local authorities, power generation, utilities, construction, panel builders, oil, gas, petrochemical, export markets, food industries, hotels/leisure, retail, air conditioning, heating & ventilation, refrigeration, security and fire prevention.


    A major strength of Edmundson is our commitment to satisfy the demands of our customers with innovative, high quality and cost effective 'branded' products sourced from the world's leading manufacturers.

    Our business constantly adapts to meet the needs of an ever changing market and our very strong relationships with our suppliers ensure that information regarding new products and trends is quickly communicated.

    Amongst the wide range of products stocked are lighting, lamps, cables, wiring accessories, domestic, commercial, industrial, switchgear and fusegear, control and automation, cable management, ventilation, space heating, water heating, cable components and accessories, emergency lighting and fire detection, security access control, site electrics and supplies, tools and fixings, instrumentation and electronic components.


    We operate a highly decentralised business philosophy through which our local managers are empowered to make all important business decisions.

    Our dedicated staff offer unbiased advice to find the best solution to our customers' specific needs. Our management style means that we build relationships with customers and suppliers locally to the benefit of everyone, nationwide. If you want to learn more about a company whose products are backed by years of practical experience and demonstrable success, please give us a call.


In 1979 in Paris, Ecosolaire ® is the first store to advise, collect, distribute and sell equipment powered by renewable energies.

In 1980, Ecosolaire ® publishes the first catalog of solar equipment available for distance selling.

In 2007, in addition, Ecosolaire ® creates its merchant website on the internet.

Today, the Ecosolaire ® website gives you the benefit of this experience.

Ecosolaire ® has a very complete experience in the field of the production of electrical energy for the isolated sites not connected and not connectable to the electrical network, in particular:

  • Ready-to-assemble sets for lighting, radio, television.
  • Solar refrigerator for the storage of vaccines and / or food.
  • Pumping small and medium flow.
  • And all applications that use little electric power .

Ecosolaire ® has charitable and humanitarian associations, public bodies (CNRS, technical high schools, town halls) and thousands of private customers in France and Africa.

Ecopac UK Power Ltd.

Ecopac UK Power Ltd are an authorised Meanwell UK distributor. Meanwell Power Supplies offer a range of AC to DC and DC to DC power supplies & PSU products. These are available in open frame, enclosed or DIN rail format. 

Eco Energy

Eco Energy LLC was founded in October 2010 and over time has been able to become a leading company in the field of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

The mission of Eco Energy is to participate in the innovative development of Russia, to improve the quality of life of people through the development, production and introduction of equipment using renewable energy sources, as well as other nature-friendly energy systems. We strive to meet high standards in all areas of our business and build relationships with partners and customers on transparent terms. We are responsible to customers for the quality, functionality and efficiency of our equipment, and to our partners for full compliance with our obligations. Our company is constantly working to ensure that the products and services offered are the most useful, high-quality and reliable. Also in the offices of our company, you can always bring unnecessary or used batteries for recycling. Take care of nature and love it so much

Dutch Green Energy b.v.

Dutch Green Energy bv is your partner for a large assortment of sustainable energy products.

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters, both ongrid and ofgrid
  • Mounting systems
  • Solar collectors
  • Batteries
  • LED-lighting
  • Windmills

We source our products directly from the various factories. These are frequently visited by our quality department. This is to ensure the excellent quality of our products.

We are importer, distributor. Furthermore, a knowledge center. We like to work together with the installers. In addition to high-quality products, we also provide detailed advice. Advice on products, applications, subsidies and economic feasibility of a solution.

Domini Ambiental

Founded in 2002 in Santpedor (Barcelona) and with a clear environmental orientation, it is part of the AQUACENTER Group's beginnings. The exclusive distribution of the best international brands and a great technical training are the basis of our contribution.

We have all the solutions in water, energy and the environment. We have an exhibition of more than 400 m2 allows us to offer a wide representation of our products. Thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, geothermal and aerothermal, biomass, wind energy, pipes and accessories, electrohydraulic, lighting, electrical and efficient boilers.

Devices srl

We begin to do something in our small way to produce Electricity in order to respect the environment and encourage the development of alternative, renewable and inexhaustible energy sources.

We at DEVICES srl are committed to researching and creating new technologies to exploit the Wind, the Sun and other renewable energy sources, even for small needs.

Demas Großhandel GmbH

Reliable and flexible - this is how demas Großhandel GmbH stands by its partners from trade, commerce and industry in all matters relating to electrical, LED / lighting, photovoltaics and accessories. Unlike classic wholesale, we pursue a philosophy that focuses on individual and renewable solutions.

With our department Demas Solutions you have us as a reliable partner for individual complete solutions at your side. If you have a concern in the LED area, we will find the right solution. You say what you like and we show you how you can realize the project.

Delta Electronic München GmbH

Delta Electronic Germany GmbH has devoted more than 15 years towards developing and marketing renewable energy. Together with our partners, we have managed to build up a successful network in France, Germany, Africa and Asia and to integrate our products into the market. From photovoltaics on residential buildings, to our energy-saving streetlights with and without solar, to state-of-the-art, future-oriented kinetic power plant technology – we stand behind your project from the get-go! With the support of strong partners, such as SolarwattHeckert SolarKLSAEuropolesRosch InnovationsHTL and our own alternative energy solutions, we have made it our objective to market mostly German products. Feel free to contact us for more information!