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A logistics company affords to storehouses goods and merchandises, helps in the distribution process and assists the management of the amount of needed materials. 

Given the importance of the volumes of goods delivered to stores and of customers’ needs as a whole, it becomes important to optimize the activities of electrical supply and this what logistics companies are doing. Global providers and logistics companies are competing to fulfill and supply a chain of solutions and services in the field of electrical energy logistics to a wide range of clients. 

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Mai Solar

MAİ SOLAR is the EGE DISTRICT DEALER of SeraSol, which provides services in the renewable energy sector and provides turnkey solutions in the field of solar energy.
MAİ SOLAR offers its customers the applications of TECINNOVA-SOLTEQ-ONYX products, which are widely used all over the world, as project and EPC.

Energy Matrix (Pvt) Ltd

Energy Matrix is a Pakistani company, established in 1993. The long expertise and the multiple number of national and global certification are key elements of the company success. The focus of the team was basically creating a net of awareness for conversion to green energy. Hence, they offer domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural solar solutions. Services like photovoltaic system installations and solar pumping implementation, energy audits, maintenance and financing services are easily achievable via Energy Matrix professional teams. In addition, the team are working on the revamping, dismantling, packing and shipment of projects and equipment. They also trade and rent used machinery in return of suitable prices. 


NIK Electronika is a British leader of smart grid services and equipment. The Ukrainian affiliation is extremely active in the field of the creation of innovative smart grid systems and solutions. NIK is a major actor which is capable of providing full service package of smart grid. Their expertise is in the domain of power industry, utility sector, oil and gas Industry, coal mining, coke production and metallurgy and waste recycling sector. NIK has large capacities of production in addition to IT and testing departments. The company works in respect with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 (TÜV). NIK is operating in an efficient way to create a solid metering infrastructure of electricity, water and heat.


EFACEC is a Portuguese company established in 1962 after a longer history of achievements and success. This large industrial energy leader is preparing for future challenges. Therefore, the team is offering innovative infrastructural activities. Their ground of activity is vast. However, one should mention significant fields such as the production of motors, generators, switchgears, automated equipment, transformers and electric accessories. Besides, EFACEC is offering high quality of PV solar systems and electric transportation means. The services are featured by their proficiency, professionalism and perfectionism. 


The TEATek is an Italian Group of industrial energy market. The group is established in 2009. It covers various aspects of renewable energies such as automated equipment, alternative energy and hydropower. The group involves many enterprises with different professional orientations. TEATek is active nationally –in Italy- and across in many parts of Europe thanks to the wide collaborations and successful projects. TEATek is the abbreviation of telecommunication, energy and automation in addition to technology. Through the name, it is clear that the company had that wholesome vision through its creation.


African Sustainability & Development Group is a multidisciplinary Nigerian group. In fact, the company deals with three major aspect of energy management. Mainly, AS&DG offers a set of renewable energies opportunities; solar, wind, biomass and natural gas are their main field of activity. Therefore, AFSE is a young team of experts and a company functioning under the umbrella of AS&DG. The broad experience of the team made all related services of consultancy, engineering, assistance possible. The Group counts always on the expertise of the team for continuous development and research in the field of sustainable energy technologies. The Group encourages diversity and sustainability of energy sources. Thus, it provides awareness campaigns and sustainable solutions for industrial usage


INHEMETER is a Chinese company focused on the electrical industry equipment. The large factory space (85000 m²) and the long experience of the team afforded a huge production capacity. In addition, the leading expertise of the factory is oriented to high tech innovations. Thus, they manufacture smart grids especially a whole set of smart meters and smart communication systems. They are determined to make meters smarter and technologically advanced. Moreover, Inhemeter concentrates on R&D equipment and infrastructure. The company achieved ISO9001 QMS and ISO14000 EMS certifications as an evidence of high quality and professionalism. The goals and strategies of the elite leaders of Inhemeter are comprehensive, clear and global.

SMA Solar

SMA Company is established in 1983. SMA is a pioneer company of photovoltaic products and renewable energy solutions. The concept of a decentralized energy supply is in the core of their vision. Photovoltaic energy is not only a mere source of electricity generation for the company. SMA ideology is deeper than this; they adopt the idea of a 100% renewable energy plan for the future of the planet. More than 3000 employee are investing their time and energy to provide best services to achieve the ultimate goal of the company, which is spreading a new vision worldwide. The new vision of SMA is establishing renewable energy as a basic, essential orientation until it becomes the norm globally.


Global Engineering, Energy & Construction (GEEC) is a Tunisian company established in 2012. It is considered one of the first companies specialized in the field of energy efficacy within the industrial sector. The company's expertise covers the following areas of energy monitoring: the study, design and the installation of low current networks, fire detection, and domestic automation. The company works also in the field of renewable energy, functional fluid installation, electrical and automated installations. Moreover, GEEC offers turnkey solutions including pre-diagnosis, energy diagnosis, action plans, installation of energy efficiency solutions and the monitoring of consumption. GEEC offers its expertise in eco-design and energy impact studies, including feasibility studies using the use of renewable energies. The company also acts as an independent and certified third party for the verification and performance measurement of energy efficiency projects. 

Sen Technologies Power

Sen Technologies Power is a Senegalese company operating over the entire Western African part of the world. It is an expert in the field of renewable energies. It is a major importer, project developer and installer of energy equipment. The wide range could include thermal power panels, PV systems, batteries, refrigerators, filters, solar lighting solutions, solar air conditioners, solar water pumping solutions, solar fans, etc. As a developer of energy projects, Sen Technologies Power provides site surveys, sizing, quotation, implementation, commissioning of the installation and customer training. In order to preserve the optimal functioning of the equipment installed, the company offers maintenance services and provides after-sales service. The company is also active in the marine solar sector through its Sen Technologies Power Marine department, which is specialized in the design, study and construction of hybrid structures and the development of 100% solar industrial fishing boats. The company established later the Sen Technologies Power Industry department, dedicated to the creation of investments oriented to renewable energy projects in the sub-region.