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Low Voltage Components

Ensuring electrical power, nowadays, is a necessity that requires the suitable component and an amount of flexibility. Regarding energy consumption, the needs are in a fast rising pace. Consequently, the industry of electricity keeps developing its equipment and components. Among these, we have to mention low voltage components. These parts are mainly critical in the third stage of power transmission. The distribution stage involves low voltage components and equipment. The voltage is reduced for safety measures and technicalities. That is why e-electricity considered providing a list of low voltage component suppliers to meet the needs of the market. Sign up for more details and assistance.

Spare Solution

Supplier of Electrical cables, Wires, Solar cables, Harness products, String Cables, Tail Cables, PV Connectors, Inline Fuse, Moulded Fuse, Junction Box, Combiner Box, Inverter, Solar Clips etc.

Geya Electrical Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Geya Electrical Co., Ltd Is A Privately Owned Company, Founded In February, 2007. Our Annual Turnover More Than 5 Million Dollars. Headquarters Is Basing In Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.In The Past 10 Years, Geya Electrical Was Focusing In Low Voltage Electrical And Automation Control Items Research, Development And Production. Furthermore, In The Global Promotion Of GEYA Brand.Our Current Products Range Offers A Wide Range Of Low Voltage Electrical And Automation Control Items, Including MCB, MCCB, RCD, Switch Disconnector, Contactor, Relay, Timer, Distributor Box And Other Series Of Related Accessories And Components.


GÜVEN-İŞ is a Turkish large producer of transformers and other electrical equipment. GÜVEN-İŞ was established in 1975. Hence, the long experience of the factory leaders has permitted large production capacities and neat finish. The company is a major producer of stabilizer, regulator, UPSs, metal boxes and other accessories. The company works in compliance with ISO and CE high standards and got the certification of quality and management. The team is highly proficient and committed to provide accurate development to the industrial system through personalized products.


Lydec is a public utility independent operator, established in 1997. The company expertise is focused in the sector of electricity and drinkable water distribution. The company also maintains the mission of collecting wastewater and rainwater. Moreover, the team works on the supply of street lighting in the Grand Casablanca region (under a governmental contract). The company offers its services of study and implementation of grid installation connected to public network of electricity, water and sanitation. Lydec has been listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange since 2005.

Auro power systems

AURO Power Systems is a Partner and distributer for ABB India. Through different offices and representations across India, Auro is supplying multiple industries and companies. The line of activity is mainly UPS systems, solar equipment, inverters, Lighting, batteries and pyro-gasification plants for small enterprises. The business of providing an uninterruptible power supply through suitable electrical equipment and batteries components is highly demanded in the modern era. Eventually, Auro Power Systems is offering a variety of services. Accordingly, the team provides services of installation, contracting and spare parts replacements.


Distrigroup Electric is a distributor of professional electrical equipment. The company distributes a wide range of electrical products for industrial, tertiary, infrastructure and energy-saving uses. The range of electrical equipment offered by Distrigroup Electric covers electrical equipment and personal protection (ABB, Legrand, Eaton, Schneider Electric, Bals, Efapel, Mersen ...), industrial control, automation, power distribution of power and measurement (Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Yaskawa, Seneca, Phoenix Contact ...). The company is active also in the wiring and lighting domains thus it supplies cables for residential, tertiary or industrial electrical installations (Zucchini, Schneider Electric), LED and fluorescent lighting (Philips), VDI, cabling and computer components (Schneider Electric, Legrand). Thanks to its efficient offers and unique availability, Distrigroup Electric has become the preferred supplier for installers, key account manufacturers and hardware manufacturers.


IMESA is an Italian company established in 1972. An exceptional expert and skillful journey made the company among the pioneers in the field electro-mechanicals construction ground. The long experience of more than 45 years has laid the foundation to a leading position in the European sphere. However, the fame of the company did not stop there as it is considered a chief exporter to various non-European countries in Africa, Asia and Middle East. The range of production extends from switchboards, UPS, batteries,to substations and other electrical equipment. They provide equally valuable services concerning energy solutions.

Twyver Switchgear

Twyver is based in UK , Specialized in switchgears and energy solutions . The journey of Twyver started long ago in 1943. The industry has changed since then the company has become stronger each year. It becomes an industrial power solution supplier and a leader in engineering projects. The company is manufacturing another range of products related to control and instrumental equipment. Precisely, the company is manufacturing LV Distribution Switchboards, Smart Panels and Substations. Twyver’s is a global brand known for its exigency and commitment to international quality standards.

RM electrical

The R&M Electrical Group is considered an enormous fusion of distributors in United Kingdom of Britain. They are a group of electrical distributors. These bodies are operating across America, Asia, Middle East and the Caspian. The capacities of supply is huge and the range of products is unlimited. Just for matter of clarity, we can enumerate cables, electrical accessories, lighting equipment, heating items, support and wiring plus numerous industrial control components. In fact, the group can manage a full project supply process.

schneider electric

Schneider Electric is a large and a well-known company of energy equipment and smart management as a whole. The long experiences, which encompasses 170 year is a source of inspiration and expertise. The company has branches all over the world. Accordingly, Schneider Electric Egypt is one of the most prominent affiliation in North East Africa. The management of energy is based on innovation, technology, commitment, continuous development and reliability. The production and distribution of R&D equipment and a long range of other products is their main specialty.