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Maintenance & Repair

Electrical repair and maintenance are main services of electrical components. Regular examination preserves the life and proficiency of electric devices. That is the reason why many maintenance and repair companies are providing the best services in this field, as they are aware of its importance. The quality of the maintenance and repair done is critical to the electrical equipment of any utility so choose the right supplier. E-electricity is providing a broad selection of global maintenance and repair companies. Sign up for free and join the community. 

Shenzhen Solar East Technology Limited

Shenzhen Solar East Technology Limited is a photovoltaic enterprise specializing in R&D of solar system and the production of solar street light. Since its establishment, Solar East has established the concept of quality priority and brand management, and has adopted the design concept of “simple use, convenient maintenance and reliable quality”, thus obtaining a number of national patents.

     Solar East was rated as the most advanced AAA credit enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce, and is also the benchmark enterprise of China.
    Solar East provides high quality solar products and solar power solutions for more than 90 countries and regions around the world. Solar East actively participates in international and domestic quality standards certification. Now all products have passed the national standard ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, and have obtained a variety of international certification standards, CQC, CE, ROHS, IEC, TUV, SGS, GMC and so on.
     Solar East develops and produces a wide range of new products, including integrated solar street lights, split solar street lights, and portable solar home systems.
   Solar East Products are easy to operate and easy to maintain, so everyone can be an engineer. The products currently produced cover most of the customers' requirements for the use of solar energy systems for home use. Special high-quality solar street lights have been widely used in many rural towns and gardens and roads, as well as municipal highways. The products have the most comprehensive and professional features in the industry. .
Solar East provides ODM&OEM services support partners establish their own brands.
    Solar East is confident to work with partners to “Light up the World with Solar”.

PN Automation & Energy Solutions

PN solar is a part of Swami Vessels Pvt. Ltd. which is a 35 years old company. Our solar journey began in september 2017 and since then, the company has managed to secure work order of more than 700 kW.   PN solar is a fully integrated solar solutions provider having a wide range of solar products with state of the art technology and industry expertise. Headquartered at Jalgaon, PN is  active in supplying of solar energy systems for Households, Private users, Commercial enterprises, Institutions, Public facilities and 

  Investors. PN offers standard and customized designs, Construction, Monitoring, Operation, Maintenance and after sales service practices that align with customers’ unique needs. We have the technical know-how and experienced team in the field of commercial and utility scale power systems. Built with the best quality components and designed with the experience and expertise of the leading solar industry experts, our systems are known for high efficiency and reliability, providing years of worry-free service and an  excellent return on the investment.

Sonay Enerji

As we measure the benefits of our projects to humanity, we are happy. In the future, we want to work on renewable energy technologies and benefit from R & D results both in nature and in humanity. We work with high efficiency with the motivation to catch the future with green energy.

Sunvital Enerji Ltd Şti

Energy is one of the most basic needs of mankind and also one of the most important elements of the national economy. When we look at the whole of our life, which is indispensable in our industrial life and in our daily lives , we established Sunvital Energy Company based on the idea of ​​what we can do about energy which is important as air-water .

 Solar Energy Power Plants from Sunvital Energy as Renewable Energy Sources

·        Engineering

·        Consulting

·        Photovoltaic systems (solar energy)

·        Projecting

·        Turnkey plant installation

solutions and provide all necessary support for the operation and maintenance of solar power plants.

Brugg Cables

Brugg Cables ist ein führender Kabelhersteller der Schweiz. Vom Niederspannungskabel zur Baustellenversorgung bis hin zum 500 Kilovolt Hochspannungskabel bietet Brugg Cables den Kunden das gesamte Produktesortiment zur Energieübertragung und -verteilung. Im Industry Cable Systems Business spezialisiert sich Brugg Cables auf die Herstellung von kundenspezifischen Kabelsystemen für Windkraft, E-Mobilität und Maschinenbau. Brugg Cables is one of Switzerland’s leading cable producer. Brugg Cables offers it's customers an entire product range for the power transmission and distribution covering everything from low voltage cables to power supplies for construction sites and 500 kilovolt high voltage cables. In the Industry Cable Systems Business, Brugg Cables specialises in the manufacture of customer-specific cable systems for wind power, e-mobility, and machinery engineering.

GE Renewable Energy

General Electric Renewable Energy is a renowned company with a very long history of accomplishments. The expertise of the global team is perpetually helping to improve the whole industry of renewables. They focus on numerous aspects of renewables such as solar, hydro, wind and hybrid systems. They provide solutions, applications and commercial services. They harness natural resources into useable energies in an efficient way. They combine techniques and strategies when it comes to resources exploitation. The team of GE Renewable Energy provides turnkey solutions for the entire power plant. Thus, the services range from EPC, project management and other large capacities of achievement. 

Enel X

Enel X is a global company, which is transforming the energy world. The company is a pillar of technology, which is harnessed to serve energy. The business leader of high tech energy is active in the field of electric mobility (electric cars), public lighting, smart city, efficient energy management, distributed generation, microgrids, and energy infra structure. The skillful team also provides services of smart bill management, advisory, operational and maintenance services. The company has strong roots or sustainability, innovation and high tech smartness that enabled it to be a power of transformation in its field. 

Inove Ecoenergia S.l

INOVE ECOENERGÍA is a Spanish company that focuses in renewable energy. The expertise of the company is in the domain of marketing, installation, maintenance of various equipment. The specialties of renewable energy which the company deals with are thermal solar, photovoltaic, wind and thermodynamic. The team can face any challenge or requirement its customer ask for thanks to its skills and knowledge. They also implement hybrid systems (wind and solar), biomass equipment supply, fire protection, water treatment, electrical services, plumbing, telecommunication, etc. The team is highly qualified and the company has large capacities of service provision. 

Energy Matrix (Pvt) Ltd

Energy Matrix is a Pakistani company, established in 1993. The long expertise and the multiple number of national and global certification are key elements of the company success. The focus of the team was basically creating a net of awareness for conversion to green energy. Hence, they offer domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural solar solutions. Services like photovoltaic system installations and solar pumping implementation, energy audits, maintenance and financing services are easily achievable via Energy Matrix professional teams. In addition, the team are working on the revamping, dismantling, packing and shipment of projects and equipment. They also trade and rent used machinery in return of suitable prices. 

Sun City Energy

SunCity is an Egyptian company with an economic and environmental objective of spreading solar energy in the entire country. The idea is to provide clean and sustainable energy in good prices for a growing customer base in the country and across. Therefore, the team offers comprehensive solutions of photovoltaic systems, solar pumping, off grid solar pumping. The company is not only offering efficient solutions to every electricity need but also offering innovative, practice and cohesive answers to electric growing demand.