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Medium Voltage Transformers

Medium voltage rate depends on the country experience usage. However, some standards are universal. High voltage is generally up to 1000 volt. So automatically, we call medium voltage any device that operates in a voltage from 150 volt to 999 volts. For instance, medium voltage transformers ensure the needed electrical flow in the second phase of electrical transmission. Many companies are manufacturing the best quality of this equipment. Thereupon, e-electricity devoted its interest to provide a long list of medium voltage transformers suppliers. Sign up to discover more if you are interested in this lucrative domain. 

Level Energy Solutions

Manufacturing & marketing safe energy products in order to meet or exceed market expectations and positivity contribute to developing our society & environment.

Zhejiang Keshuo Electric Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Keshuo Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of low-loss power transformers recommended by China's State Economic and Trade Commission. (formerly Jiangshan Keshuo Special Transformer Factory)a professional manufacturer of special transformers in Zhejiang Machinery Industry Department. The company is a first-level supplier of China National Grid and China Southern Power Grid. Covering an area of 46,000 square meters and a building area of 25,000 square meters, the company is located at the junction of the three provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Anhui. The traffic and transportation is very convenient. . The company owns key equipment such as production and inspection, and introduces the advanced scientific research achievements of Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, which can meet the requirements of producing low-loss power transformers and various rectifier transformers and electric furnace transformers. The products are exported to all parts of the country and exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and America, and are well received by customers. In 2005, the enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and obtained the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test certificate. Enterprises in line with the "scientific management, technological innovation, quality, customer satisfaction" purposes, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, low-cost products and satisfactory service.


DELTA Technology is an Italian expert company established in 1988. The main focus of the company is the field of electro-mechanics. They manufacture high quality of electrical substations and related equipment, MV/LV panels transformers, etc. The range of products varies according to the usage and type of power generated. This means that the company produces typical substations, for renewable energy, underground substation, CSS plus type, etc. The products comply with the ISO global standards of high quality and efficiency. The technologically advanced capacities of the team enabled Delta Tech to convey best quality of services and manufacturing.


EFACEC is a Portuguese company established in 1962 after a longer history of achievements and success. This large industrial energy leader is preparing for future challenges. Therefore, the team is offering innovative infrastructural activities. Their ground of activity is vast. However, one should mention significant fields such as the production of motors, generators, switchgears, automated equipment, transformers and electric accessories. Besides, EFACEC is offering high quality of PV solar systems and electric transportation means. The services are featured by their proficiency, professionalism and perfectionism. 


TEKİŞ ELEKTRİK MAKİNA is an expert Turkish company. The company is established in 1993. Therefore, the team has great experience and skills. Consequently, the production is highly qualified. Their main ground of activity is the production of premium quality of transformers. They, indeed, provide a long range of transformers types. The focus is always to offer best quality price standards. TEKİŞ ELEKTRİK MAKİNA achieved numerous ISO certificates of high quality and environment management. It is also a major exporter of transformers to Africa, Middle East and Europe.


Sodimel is an Algerian prominent company established in 1989. The expert team is composed of electrical engineers specialized in the distribution and installation of electrical equipment. They operate in the field of high and low voltage products. Sodimel is also a distributor of electrical systems and solutions, including medium and low voltage transformers, low voltage cabinets - CLPG general protection cells, SM6 cells - Posts on pole (ACC), etc. In addition, they offer effective maintenance and assembly services. Furthermore, the company has concluded successful partnerships and distribution agreements with several manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Electro-industry and Elsewedy. 

Sansion Power Electric

Sansion Power Electric founded in 2005 is a Chinese company. The company is a manufacturer and seller of electrical testing products. There are whole ranges of related fields, which are in real need to these products for instance power electric, railroad, energy conservation and environment protection, water conservancy, petrochemical industry, aerospace etc. The products are mainly: HV Hipot, Transformer, HV Switchgear Test Set, Relay Protection Tester, CT/PT Tester, Transmission Line Test System, Insulation Resistance Tester etc. more than 200 engineers are working and committing to excel. Sansion obtained the ISO9001 certification, which means that it respects high standards of quality system.

Lightbreeze Technologies and Systems

Lightbreeze Technologies & Systems is a Bangladeshi company established in 2014. The team is composed of pioneering engineers and experienced workers dedicated to perform their best. The company is responsible for the development and production of a wide range of items. We can differentiate four categories of products: fire and safety, power and energy, HVAC and air conditioning and CCTV products. For each section there are multiple products. Given the technological premises, Lightbreeze ensures advanced practices.

Trafomec India PVT LTD

Trafomec is a global group that is operating internationally. The group has five divisions; each is related to one specialized industry. The affiliation we will be concentrating on is the Indian affiliation. The expertise of the team and their advanced knowledge in the technological assets are a source of success to this unit. The specialty of the group is the production of transformers, reactors and electromagnetic equipment, etc. The global reach of the mother group and the consistent foundation of the local department provided high performance. Trafomec India's major focus is the high reliability and efficiency of their products.  

Güngör Elektrik

Güngör Elektrik is a Turkish company established in 1989 which presents long years of hard work and experience. Their key mission is providing engineering operations besides constructing electrical distribution substations. In fact, the company works on the consultancy and maintenance field. The proficiency of the services provided is globally remarkable. Gungor Elektrik is offering engineering support for the entire connection process of generation plants to the grid. Thus, they encourage the active use of hybrid systems and renewables in general. This orientation is thanks to the sustainable and ecological awareness of the company.