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Microgrids which are a significant part of smart grid world offer particular points of interest. They are very useful to enhance energy effectiveness, to minimize general power utilization, to diminish environmental threats and also to control voltage tension. One of the most important microgrid advantages is, also, that it guarantees the sustainability of energy supply and ensure that power is handled efficiently.  Sign up in e-electricity and discover a full list of microgrid companies and suppliers. 

The KGS Group

Established in 2013, Kenya Green Supply has been selling Solar Home Systems in Western Kenya for the past 4 years. To better understand the market conditions and conduct invaluable market research we initially sold and piloted other businesses’ solar home systems in Western Kenya (including Bomet, Kakamega, Eshisiru, and Webuye), utilizing a combined in-house sales force alongside solar distributors. Our time and experience gained in the Kenyan market has led us to the development of our latest product, the AllSola TV, the first integrated solar-powered device in the market that provides direct access to the Internet and digital TV.

Enel X

Enel X is a global company, which is transforming the energy world. The company is a pillar of technology, which is harnessed to serve energy. The business leader of high tech energy is active in the field of electric mobility (electric cars), public lighting, smart city, efficient energy management, distributed generation, microgrids, and energy infra structure. The skillful team also provides services of smart bill management, advisory, operational and maintenance services. The company has strong roots or sustainability, innovation and high tech smartness that enabled it to be a power of transformation in its field. 


CG Power and Industrial Solution founded about seven decades ago, originally in India. With a capital market of 2 billion USD, it is considered one of the leading power industries in India and across. This is thanks to its nine factories in Asia, Europe and North America. CG Corporation is growing in a very fast and solid pace. CG manufactures electrical equipment, smart grids and other management and control equipment. To give a clear idea, the corporation is working on two sections: equipment for power system and equipment for industrial systems. As far as electrical equipment is concerned, we might mention Transformers and Reactors, Switchgear Products, Instrument Transformers, T&D Systems, Transformer and Switchgear Components. Other major specialty is that they provide a set of services related to electrical management, control and protection,

ABB technology SA

ABB is one of the largest providers of products of lighting, electronics, electric automation systems, services and industrial power grids as a whole. Decades of hard work made ABB affiliations multiply across 100 country. Namely this affiliation of Ivory Coast is one the well-known vendors in Africa.  The company is ranked in the top list of electrical equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the marketplace of electricity domains. Leading solutions-oriented software and fully automated systems made ABB a pioneer among its competitors. Their main value has been always integrity. For that reason, reliability and trustworthiness are their guiding lines.


SACEM is the first company in the field of electricity that has been successful in the local and international market. It can act in accordance with the rapid changes, the challenges and especially the technological developments of the sector of the industry.

SACEM GROUP provides several activities through its various subsidiaries:

- SACEM Industries: Provide wide range of electrical distribution transformers.

- SACEM Smart: An end-to-end solution for reducing electricity losses.

- SACEM Energy & Engineering: Designs, implements and operates solutions to improve energy performance.

- SACEM Training: The first integrated Training Centre of its kind in the MENA region.

- SACEM Power Systems: Provide a complete solution to control,protect and isolate electrical equipment.