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Other safety assets


The TEATek is an Italian Group of industrial energy market. The group is established in 2009. It covers various aspects of renewable energies such as automated equipment, alternative energy and hydropower. The group involves many enterprises with different professional orientations. TEATek is active nationally –in Italy- and across in many parts of Europe thanks to the wide collaborations and successful projects. TEATek is the abbreviation of telecommunication, energy and automation in addition to technology. Through the name, it is clear that the company had that wholesome vision through its creation.

SOCOMEC Elektrik ve Elektronik A.Ş.

SOCOMEC Group is a merger of international companies. The huge capital of investment and the expert team created the success story of this Group. These partnerships made the merger operates across the world. The group also works on different and numerous fields. Namely, Socomec covers almost every aspect of energy efficiency and audit solutions. The services are maintained by highly expert consultants. The range of products also is unlimited. The entire range of products are related closely to energy (renewable and nonrenewable), protection, networking and safety equipment. There is no aspect related to energy which SOCOMAC Group does not touch upon.


Eaton is a global energy management specialist. The company has 175 affiliation worldwide. In particular, the Moroccan representation is offering to its customers turnkeys solutions. Eaton offers a full range of energy-efficient products and services to enable customers to manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical energy. Among the electrical equipment and materials designed and traded by the company, we can find switches, disconnectors, internal arc reduction systems, protection relays, fuses, circuit breakers, transformers, electrical distribution panels, reactive power compensation capacitors, substation equipment, etc. Eaton is a source of reliable and sustainable energy management thanks to its dedication and technological assets.