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Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Personal protective Equipment PPE are every clothes and tools needed to protect workers. The equipment varies according to the work field and specialty of the industry. Work sites such as power plants, construction fields, oil and gas grounds, mines and others are considered risky spots. The workers are to be protected with the suitable clothes and equipment. The industry of PPE comes in the heart of any other field. That is why e-electricity has a list of global personal protective Equipment suppliers. Accede to this section and scan needed contacts and information. 


We bring you a good portion of enthusiasm and innovative spirit, and a long experience in electrical installations, photo-voltaic and security electronics. Today AFRISOLE TECH wants to be among the innovative companies in the field of energy and security, our clients testify.

-ENERGY INDEPENDENCE : We offer Personal and Professional Eco solutions for energy independence, thanks to a range of equipment rigorously selected, from production to storage, through the conversion of energy Photovoltaics. We are ready to provide you quality service so you belonged to the circle of close  PRODUCER-CONSUMER.

-NEW SOLUTIONS : AFRISOLE TECH also provides specific training and technical assistance to install any range of photovoltaic products, thermal, solar air and any complete technical documentation dedicated to different products.
-AFRISOLE SECURITY :  security is an essential element in our lives within the means that we put into play to improve our well being. security is useful or even mandatory for any business or commercial activity this allows peace of mind for any offense will be a visible guilty and well determined. Given our partenaiat now German FUESYS GmBH we provide you quality safety materials German.

Nick Andishan Co

Nick Andishan Energy Company is an Iranian general contractor established in 2014. The company operates under the flagship of Moham Shargh multidisciplinary group. The group comprises a long list of companies underneath. They are initially operating in the energy sector, EPC, T&D equipment, transportation, communication, engineering, etc. Nick Andishan is a professional company focused in control equipment and instrumentation, distribution grid implementation and rail equipment. The company also deals with renewable energy sector in a great efficiency. The company is featured by its huge capacities and commitment. 


ME & CO is a Tunisian company specialized in turnkey projects of energy management and industrial construction. The multidisciplinary approach and proactive strategy are the milestones of the company. The technical assets and professionalism of the team provided a good grasp on the most advanced techniques of engineering and revamping of installations. Therefore, ME & CO is a partner of CERI Group, which is focused in the implementation of industrial projects as well as any required industrial intervention, optimization and revamping of industrial installations, in different sectors. The company is active in multiple segments of energy and industrial fields, namely: Oil & Gas, Chemical Industry, Cement plant, hydrocarbon and LPG storage depot, Power plants, Renewable energy, Pumping station implementation, Pipelines, Etc. 


DELTA Technology is an Italian expert company established in 1988. The main focus of the company is the field of electro-mechanics. They manufacture high quality of electrical substations and related equipment, MV/LV panels transformers, etc. The range of products varies according to the usage and type of power generated. This means that the company produces typical substations, for renewable energy, underground substation, CSS plus type, etc. The products comply with the ISO global standards of high quality and efficiency. The technologically advanced capacities of the team enabled Delta Tech to convey best quality of services and manufacturing.