Photovoltaic solar energy

Typically, when we say renewable energy we think about solar energy precisely photovoltaic and thermal. In our case, we are precisely talking about photovoltaic(PV) solar energy. It is the operation when lights of sun are converted into electricity. Once a costumer installs PV panels, he is certainly opting for high performance, reduction of bills and non-polluted environment. Photovoltaic energy is the only clean energy now that has solved this equation. PV energy has  no greenhouse gas emission. Fruitfully, e-electricity has succeeded to gather most relevant information about this market. Register and browse a broad list of photovoltaic solar energy suppliers around the world. 

Eilers-Jacobs Photovoltaik

Since 1994 we have been creating photovoltaic systems and thus have

about a clear lead regarding the relevant

Know-how. From the resulting highly efficient

System design benefits our customers.

Egboltos Ltd.

The Egboltos name was inherited from our other past activities, which also had a bearing on the Sun, the sky.

We are / were dragon flyers who, in addition to the love of nature, brought us precision. We boarded our own planes, so our life depended on working well or wrong. From the direction of authentic measurement technology and banking machines, we started to work with solar panels.

Through years of correspondence, we have reached the point that we are no longer looking for manufacturers, but they are us, so we are always aware of what's new. Nowadays, we are primarily working with the relatives and acquaintances of our former customers, which suggests that we are satisfied with our work. Our motto comes from Robert Bosch: "Let's lose money rather than trust"

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Egå EL Service ApS

We serve customers throughout the East Jutland area. With our base in Gammel Egå just north of Aarhus, we have the opportunity to easily and quickly solve tasks in Aarhus, Risskov, Egå, Randers and throughout Djursland.

Our strength is solid experience and professional skill combined with the ability to see new opportunities - and exploit them. For example, we have implemented a number of IT initiatives that not only strengthen our customer service and quality management, but also our efficiency with competitive prices.

EEHD Erneuerbare Energien - Handel und Distribution GmbH

For more than 6 years EEHD has been your reliable supplier. With a portfolio of solar modules, inverters, substructures, cables, plugs, storage and other solutions, we professionally implement your photovoltaic projects with you. With jointly developed ideas and solutions, we offer cost-effective and thus high-profit implementation of your projects.

Edmundson Electrical Ltd

    SERVICE :  We serve the country from over 250 locations, each carrying a comprehensive stock and run by friendly, experienced and highly motivated staff. We value each customer, regardless of size, and are committed to provide a comprehensive, unrivalled service and attention to quality. Our customer base includes the following sectors: electrical contractors & engineers, industrial companies, facilities management, government agencies, local authorities, power generation, utilities, construction, panel builders, oil, gas, petrochemical, export markets, food industries, hotels/leisure, retail, air conditioning, heating & ventilation, refrigeration, security and fire prevention.

    PRODUCTS : A major strength of Edmundson is our commitment to satisfy the demands of our customers with innovative, high quality and cost effective 'branded' products sourced from the world's leading manufacturersOur business constantly adapts to meet the needs of an ever changing market and our very strong relationships with our suppliers ensure that information regarding new products and trends is quickly communicated. Amongst the wide range of products stocked are lighting, lamps, cables, wiring accessories, domestic, commercial, industrial, switchgear and fusegear, control and automation, cable management, ventilation, space heating, water heating, cable components and accessories, emergency lighting and fire detection, security access control, site electrics and supplies, tools and fixings, instrumentation and electronic components.

    FLEXIBILITY : We operate a highly decentralised business philosophy through which our local managers are empowered to make all important business decisions. Our dedicated staff offer unbiased advice to find the best solution to our customers' specific needs. Our management style means that we build relationships with customers and suppliers locally to the benefit of everyone, nationwide. If you want to learn more about a company whose products are backed by years of practical experience and demonstrable success, please give us a call.



Ecostal is an importer and a wholesaler of green energy solutions and particularly photovoltaic and LED products.

It was created in 2008 by two young entrepreneurs and is situated at Jalhay (Liege District).

Specialized in global solutions for photovoltaic installations, Ecostal has become in 5 years one of the leaders in this field in Benelux.

In its quality of importer and distributer, Ecostal addresses only to the professionals of the photovoltaic sector, offering to the installer a complete solution, thanks to its large range of products and brands. You’ll find in our portfolio the whole set of articles for the photovoltaic installation such as solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, monitoring, flat roof solutions, trackers, electric accessories, etc.

Ecostal has two logistics points, one in Belgium and one in Luxembourg, with a total storage capacity of 3.000 m², allowing us to manage more than 750 active references and ensure our clients a very quick delivery (24h) within Belgium.

Ecostal’s annual sales, in constant growth since its creation, exceeded €35 millions in 2012. The same year we sold more than 15 MW of photovoltaic panels and more than 40 MW of inverters, which represents more than 5.000 of installations.

We are proud to count more than 350 regular customers within Belgium and also some solid partners in Europe.

Comparing to the trading activity, Ecostal emphasizes on the quality of its commercial follow-up, its proximity and its flexibility.

Ecostal is actually able to offer a customized service either to a bigger customer, importing and providing the full containers of solar panels, or to a smaller customer, delivering a full photovoltaic kit directly to the installation place.

The important sales’ volumes and the quality of its purchase service allow to Ecostal to provide products of good quality at competitive prices.

Ecostal is not only providing equipment, but also offers to its customers a complete technical support and quality after-sales service. Since 2012, Ecostal also offers to its clients an assistance in industrial projects.

Ecostal it’s not only a dynamic and experienced company, but also a long-term partner to its customers and providers.

Ecosolutions Ltd.

Solar, wind, geothermal energy is one of the most widely known and known Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

Unlike fossil fuels (oil, lignite, hard coal, natural gas) whose reserves on land are limited, the energy of RES is inexhaustible.

The inexhaustible energy of RES, however, also costs money and is an investment that should always be depreciating and making a profit.

The right materials combined with the correct installation and maintenance specifications ensure the viability of the investment and its duration.

Energy savings are often more important but also more efficient investment than energy production.

For example, when we want to design a renewable energy system for an installation, our first concern will be to invest in energy saving and then choose the way and its production system.

Energy savings in Lighting, Refrigeration - Heating - Air Conditioning, Water Production and Processing, Transport are areas where our company invests daily in research and human resources to offer today and tomorrow the best solutions to its customers.

Ecosolaris Services SRL

ECOSOLARIS SERVICES offers a wide range of photovoltaic panels and the right information for choosing the  rightphotovoltaic solar systems to choose from and to offer a wide range of solar and wind equipment as well as accessories necessary for the realization of industrial and residential photovoltaic systems starting from photovoltaic projects of small size 1kwp reaching to involvement in any of the stages of building a large 20 MGW park of a photovoltaic solar park. 

         Our priorities are product quality and seriousness in proper and accurate dimensioning of photovoltaic solar systems,wind turbines, solar pylons by choosing and correctly installing the equipment contained in such a system ( street lighting with photovoltaic solar panels photovoltaic panels , inverters, solar controllers , cables and solar batteries for photovoltaic solar applications, etc.) 


In 1979 in Paris, Ecosolaire ® is the first store to advise, collect, distribute and sell equipment powered by renewable energies.

In 1980, Ecosolaire ® publishes the first catalog of solar equipment available for distance selling.

In 2007, in addition, Ecosolaire ® creates its merchant website on the internet.

Today, the Ecosolaire ® website gives you the benefit of this experience.

Ecosolaire ® has a very complete experience in the field of the production of electrical energy for the isolated sites not connected and not connectable to the electrical network, in particular:

  • Ready-to-assemble sets for lighting, radio, television.
  • Solar refrigerator for the storage of vaccines and / or food.
  • Pumping small and medium flow.
  • And all applications that use little electric power .

Ecosolaire ® has charitable and humanitarian associations, public bodies (CNRS, technical high schools, town halls) and thousands of private customers in France and Africa.

Ecomove Consulting S.R.L.

Heating systems-renewable energy systems ECOMOVE Constanta

Importer and authorized distributor in Romania: high quality infrared radiant panels, professional heating systems, infrared heaters, automation and remote control for intelligent house, air conditioning, ventilation, HVAC-ecological products, electrical de-icing systems, water softening and complete renewable energy systems: solar panels, solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, kits and complete solutions with products and accessories needed to install and put them into operation.

Unbeatable prices - importer and quality of CE at established brands: DRAGUS, DUO-THERM Germany, Lava Austria, Ecosun Czech Republic, Solamagic, Auraton, FERVI, Radialight Italy, REC Norway, Eltron, Flexel England, SMA Germany, Eberle, ET Solar, Panosol, MPP-Solar, Versatis, Vireoo, Mensaheating Denmark, Seikon, Luxom Belgium, Ikolayn, Horwin, Alpha Spa, Dimplex, AKO, Solar Wind, Sinbo, Indesit, Osram , Schneider, Victron Energy, LIV, Computherm, LVD, Eldom, Tesy, infrared radiant panels and electrical heating systems, home appliances, cheap, ecological and economical high technology products.