Public Lighting

Public lighting is a preventive solution of accidents and it enhances safety measures greatly. The utility of lighting is even more important when there is a dark weather. Streetlights are also known in their beginning as arc lamp (for their arc shape). Many companies are providing equipment related to streetlights and services of installation and maintenance to its customers. Street lighting is very efficient in terms of safety measures and road codes. The other façade of public lighting affair is that it presents large business chances. E-electricity is a wide portal of contacts and opportunities, so find a wide list of public lighting suppliers from any country you wish. Subscribe and learn more. 

Energy Panel Maroc

Energy Panel is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of solar and energy efficiency systems. Our philosophy is based on quality and on improvement respecting the environment. All our products have been developed and tested in our own laboratory, pursuing maximum adaptation to current market needs. Energy Panel has opened a new factory in 9,000 m2 closed area. With 8 years of experience behind it, the Andalusian company engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of solar thermodynamic systems, has expanded its production facility providing new manufacturing lines for new product range. This will allow the company to be more competitive and flexible to meet the demands on the market. Currently, ENERGY PANEL has a network of over 100 distributors throughout Europe, North Africa, South America and Canada.

Pera Lighting Ltd. Şti.

Discovery We determine the products needed for the correct and efficient illumination of your project. We design special products for your project. Projecting We prepare lighting plans. Reporting We are deducting cost, savings and depreciation accounts. Implementing Pera solution partners We are launching your projects with Maintenance Pera service network.

Shenzhen Sinoco Lighting Technologies Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Sinoco Lighting Technologies is a Chinese company established in 2005. They are a global enterprise specialized in LED Lighting. The expert team is perpetually committed to develop the industry of LED Lighting. They are crucially depending on the latest technologies and innovation of products. Namely, the company is producing outdoor and indoor LED Lightings, smart bulbs, Gas stations lights, etc. Company size exceeded 5000 square meter, which enables huge production abilities. The technical staff and the knowledgeable leading entity are major factors of success. Sinoco LT achieved high-tech certification of China (thanks to 20 national patents) in addition to IS09001 certification. This was the result of persistence and hard work besides their modern designs and strong capabilities.  The team is exporting to most parts of the world.

Enel X

Enel X is a global company, which is transforming the energy world. The company is a pillar of technology, which is harnessed to serve energy. The business leader of high tech energy is active in the field of electric mobility (electric cars), public lighting, smart city, efficient energy management, distributed generation, microgrids, and energy infra structure. The skillful team also provides services of smart bill management, advisory, operational and maintenance services. The company has strong roots or sustainability, innovation and high tech smartness that enabled it to be a power of transformation in its field. 

Vtech Entreprise

Vtech Entreprise is Belgium general electricity company, established in 2004. The company ensures the study and establishment of different projects such as electrical installation conformity standardization, repair of any electrical installation, adaptation and transformation of the electrical system, etc. In addition, the company offers another aspect of services, which is in the electrification field, namely, indoor and outdoor lighting, installation and maintenance of electric heating systems.  The company also provides security services (installation of telephone and videophone systems, video surveillance and alarm systems). 


Lydec is a public utility independent operator, established in 1997. The company expertise is focused in the sector of electricity and drinkable water distribution. The company also maintains the mission of collecting wastewater and rainwater. Moreover, the team works on the supply of street lighting in the Grand Casablanca region (under a governmental contract). The company offers its services of study and implementation of grid installation connected to public network of electricity, water and sanitation. Lydec has been listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange since 2005.


AUTELEC is a Moroccan company established in 2010. The enterprise operates as an importer and distributor of equipment as well as a provider of turnkey solutions in the following areas automation and supervision, industrial electricity and lighting, energy efficiency, instrumentation and water treatment. The company works also on solar energy equipment like solar panels, photovoltaic inverters Growatt, solar inverters Santerno, solar batteries, solar lighting systems. The team offers engineering services, installation, maintenance as well as implementation of low voltage electrical distribution cabinets. AUTELEC distributes a wide range of equipment related to its activity such as automation and supervision equipment: (CPU, Input-Output Cards, Panels, Power Supplies, Cables and Software, etc.) Equipment required for LV electrical installations: high-power protection, low power protection, power quality, variable speed drives and soft starters, inverters, motor control and protection, contactors and protection relays, pushbuttons, selectors, indicators and terminals, switches, socket set boxes, etc. 

Sunrise Concept

Sunrise Concept is a young Tunisian company specialized in the distribution of renewable energy equipment. The range of equipment comprises solar panels, inverters, drives for solar pumps, etc. The company offers turnkey solutions for photovoltaic systems connected to low-voltage grid (residential), PV pumping, rural electrification for isolated locations, photovoltaic plants connected to a medium and high voltage grid, etc. The company is also involved in the domain of Electric car charging systems. Sunrise Concept offers turnkey PV solutions for residential, tertiary, agricultural and industrial customers in an effective and responsive way. 


Soteca Electric is a Tunisian company specialized in the implementation of electrical projects. The company is established in 1994, thus it is characterized by expertise and knowledge. The company operates in the following eight sectors where it has carried out several major projects: telecommunication, energy and chemistry, aeronautics, construction, agribusiness, infrastructure, environment, maritime and petroleum sectors. The team ensures the study, design and commissioning of: - Electrical panel (TGBT, switchboard, control board), wiring of cabinets and electrical boxes. They are also responsible for turnkey electrical installation (transformer station, transformer, cable routing), automation and instrumentation. Another great field of expertise is renewable energy. Soteca Electric manufactures and distributes wind plants equipment and photovoltaic systems. They offer also maintenance, installation, street lighting and traffic light services. Therefore, the company is comprehensive and have large capacities thanks to highly qualified engineers.


GATEK is a Turkish company, established in 1984. This long and successful experience has made Gatek a leading power in the industry of electronics. Long life span of its products and efficient warranty system are the main features. The main field of activity is lighting bulbs and equipment. The company is designing most efficient and durable products in the industry. The wide range of lighting equipment includes outdoor and indoor bulbs and LED bulbs, projectors, ground bulbs, etc. the products are stylish and modern.