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Substations are the phase between the three parts of the electrical delivery. Between any generation plant and transmission bulk movement and distribution system. Consequently, electrical substations are present from the very beginning until the end of electricity transmissions. Changing different voltages are the main aim of substations. The flow of electricity has different voltage from stage to stage thus it has to be adjusted. Mainly that electricity starts as high voltage but should end up in a low voltage. Therefore, no electrical provider can transmit electricity energy without substations in all its type. Consequently, and because e-electricity realized the importance of substations, provided a full list of high voltage substations suppliers. Register for free and accede to join. 


The main objective of SACEM Power Systems is to offer a complete solution that combines electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.

AFB Enerji Mühendislik Ltd. Şti.

AFB Enerji is a Turkish company with large potentials. The expertise of the team extends to multiple field related to energy. To enumerate the company operates on the production of network panels’ applications, commercial projects, automation, relays, transformer substations and renewable energy sources. Moreover, the team offers energy quality and compensations reports. AFB Enerji has great human capacities and machinery abilities, which are the key factors of success. 


DELTA Technology is an Italian expert company established in 1988. The main focus of the company is the field of electro-mechanics. They manufacture high quality of electrical substations and related equipment, MV/LV panels transformers, etc. The range of products varies according to the usage and type of power generated. This means that the company produces typical substations, for renewable energy, underground substation, CSS plus type, etc. The products comply with the ISO global standards of high quality and efficiency. The technologically advanced capacities of the team enabled Delta Tech to convey best quality of services and manufacturing.

SOCOMEC Elektrik ve Elektronik A.Ş.

SOCOMEC Group is a merger of international companies. The huge capital of investment and the expert team created the success story of this Group. These partnerships made the merger operates across the world. The group also works on different and numerous fields. Namely, Socomec covers almost every aspect of energy efficiency and audit solutions. The services are maintained by highly expert consultants. The range of products also is unlimited. The entire range of products are related closely to energy (renewable and nonrenewable), protection, networking and safety equipment. There is no aspect related to energy which SOCOMAC Group does not touch upon.

Ulus Elektronik

Along history of evolvement and achievements has led to the establishment of ULUS Elektronik. The journey started since 1983. A company once called Emsa Transformer becomes in 2005 the huge company of today. A large capital and a long expertise are the foundational key success. The arena of production is transformers, winding circuits, home electronics apparatuses, R and D equipment and others. Now the company is also providing turnkey solutions and efficient technical support. Ulus Electronics accomplished ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification. Finally, the new orientation of the company is towards more developed technologies for its grid and equipment.


TRANOS is a Nigerian company, based in Lagos. The company has an expertise of over 8 years. The professional team is designing, manufacturing and managing an entire set of products. The arena of spaciality is the fabrication of power generation, energy distribution, control and automation and enclosures, etc. The products are characterized by premium quality, high standard of safety and pioneering designs. Locally, the company is extremely active and well known in Nigeria and across. Through different and clear strategies, TRANOS reached the international scale.

ABB technology SA

ABB is one of the largest providers of products of lighting, electronics, electric automation systems, services and industrial power grids as a whole. Decades of hard work made ABB affiliations multiply across 100 country. Namely this affiliation of Ivory Coast is one the well-known vendors in Africa.  The company is ranked in the top list of electrical equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the marketplace of electricity domains. Leading solutions-oriented software and fully automated systems made ABB a pioneer among its competitors. Their main value has been always integrity. For that reason, reliability and trustworthiness are their guiding lines.