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Switchgears can be found mainly in substations where there are many electrical equipment. They are highly useful to shield other smaller components. There are many types of switchgears; high, medium and low voltage switchgears but all of them have one main role, which is protection. The technology of high voltage switchgears have been improved since its first invention at the end of the 19th century.  For this purpose, e-electricity collected a list of top high voltage switchgears suppliers in the world for you. Sign up and discover more about this major electrical equipment.

Zhejiang Keshuo Electric Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Keshuo Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of low-loss power transformers recommended by China's State Economic and Trade Commission. (formerly Jiangshan Keshuo Special Transformer Factory)a professional manufacturer of special transformers in Zhejiang Machinery Industry Department. The company is a first-level supplier of China National Grid and China Southern Power Grid. Covering an area of 46,000 square meters and a building area of 25,000 square meters, the company is located at the junction of the three provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Anhui. The traffic and transportation is very convenient. . The company owns key equipment such as production and inspection, and introduces the advanced scientific research achievements of Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, which can meet the requirements of producing low-loss power transformers and various rectifier transformers and electric furnace transformers. The products are exported to all parts of the country and exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and America, and are well received by customers. In 2005, the enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and obtained the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test certificate. Enterprises in line with the "scientific management, technological innovation, quality, customer satisfaction" purposes, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, low-cost products and satisfactory service.


EFACEC is a Portuguese company established in 1962 after a longer history of achievements and success. This large industrial energy leader is preparing for future challenges. Therefore, the team is offering innovative infrastructural activities. Their ground of activity is vast. However, one should mention significant fields such as the production of motors, generators, switchgears, automated equipment, transformers and electric accessories. Besides, EFACEC is offering high quality of PV solar systems and electric transportation means. The services are featured by their proficiency, professionalism and perfectionism. 

Jayshree Electricals

Jayshree Electricals is a large Indian distributor. The experience of the team exceeds 25 years, which created consistent foundations for the team to be eligible authorized traders across India. The main products of transactions are contactors, overload relays, switchgears, cables and lighting equipment. Besides the company has larger units of steel, textile and engineering. In addition, the activities of the company touch upon wider spectrum such as chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industries & Power Plants industries.


SGC : SwitchGear Company is a Belgian famous company of switchgears. It is established in 1983. Thus, a long experience as such provides highest quality of production. This is thanks to the expertise of the engineers and the team in general. Moreover, the company is not only producing switchgears but also it is producing a whole range of electrical distribution applications. Customers’ reviews of satisfaction are a great evidence of the high quality and perfectionism of the company responsible team. Finally, SGS provides multiple solutions in the field of energy concerns and the solutions are completely personalized.

Lightbreeze Technologies and Systems

Lightbreeze Technologies & Systems is a Bangladeshi company established in 2014. The team is composed of pioneering engineers and experienced workers dedicated to perform their best. The company is responsible for the development and production of a wide range of items. We can differentiate four categories of products: fire and safety, power and energy, HVAC and air conditioning and CCTV products. For each section there are multiple products. Given the technological premises, Lightbreeze ensures advanced practices.

RM electrical

The R&M Electrical Group is considered an enormous fusion of distributors in United Kingdom of Britain. They are a group of electrical distributors. These bodies are operating across America, Asia, Middle East and the Caspian. The capacities of supply is huge and the range of products is unlimited. Just for matter of clarity, we can enumerate cables, electrical accessories, lighting equipment, heating items, support and wiring plus numerous industrial control components. In fact, the group can manage a full project supply process.


Siame is a Tunisian expert manufacturer of electrical equipment. It was established in 1976, which means a long experience of 42 year. Siame now offers a wide range of energy meters (electricity, water and gas), equipment and accessories of low and medium voltage lines, low consumption lamps, gas detectors and a refined range of domestic switches. Leader in the sector of the electrical and electromechanical products, Siame also operates as a main exporter, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. The company collaborates with strategic partners such as the American GE, the Italian Master and the Slovenian Iskraemeco to offer innovative products with cutting-edge technologies. In order to maximize the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers, Siame has its own testing and control unit that meets international standards. The company is ISO 9001, 14001, and ISO TS 16449 certified.


Energy Transfo is a leading Moroccan manufacturer of M/L voltage distribution transformers. It is established in 1980. After years of experience, the catalog of products has expanded to include: HV transformers, high-pole transformers, cabin transformers and dry transformers,  prefabricated transformer stations, circuit breakers, etc. The team now is a major exporter to West Africa and it is permanently developing new ranges of items. Thanks to the quality of its products, the company has won the trust of many energy distributors and major industrial groups and service providers in Morocco and Africa. Energy Transfo also offers training and maintenance services. The company's team has the expertise to carry out efficiently the repair and maintenance - in the workshop or on site - of distribution transformers and other equipment. 

Quadran Maroc

Quadran Maroc is established in 2011, it is working under the flagship of the French company Quadran. The team is specialized in renewable energies, namely, wind, solar, hydro and biomass power. The company is able to implement wind farms and photovoltaic power plants which provide very high voltage, high voltage, medium and low voltage. According To Moroccan Public Law, green electricity producers are allowed to supply their customers, which are connected to public electricity grid. Thus, as an integrated energy player, the company ensures all stages of its green energy projects: from the identification of sites to dismantling and recycling, including development, investment, construction and implementation.


Enerser Energy is a Turkish company established in 2008. The expert technicians and skillful engineers are the essential foundation of the company’s success. The company is not only aiming to satisfy every need in the market but also it aims to provide high service quality and professional finishing touch. It is a major distributor of leading brands in the arena. The array of products is long however, we can enumerate: power electronics equipment such as Uninterruptible Power Supply, rectifiers, inverters, static regulators, current regulators, relays, lighting equipment, fuses, hand tools, etc. The services of installation and maintenance are noticeable. Enerser Energy is considered in the top premium distributors in Turkey and abroad.