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Switchgears are very important electrical equipment within the electricity industry. There are three types of switchgears high voltage, medium and low voltage switchgears. The high protection that a switchgear provides for electrical equipment is its main role. The technology of switchgears, developed over years, have made this device flexible and adaptable. High voltage switchgears are full of options and components. Namely, the components are switches, fuses, and lightning arrestors, control panels, transformers and other. Consequently, the market is really in need for these devices.As a result, e-electricity decided to provide the most relevant high voltage switchgears tenders in the world. Register to know more about this category.

Type of notice Reference Title Publish date Deadline Country
Contract Award Notice2019/S 116-284003Building installation workJun 18, 2019Sep 18, 2019France
Additional information2019/S 116-284155Lightning-protection equipmentJun 18, 2019Jul 24, 2019Germany
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284207Electricity suppliesJun 18, 2019Jul 17, 2019France
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284219Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energyJun 18, 2019Jul 22, 2019Poland
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284236ElectricityJun 18, 2019Jul 21, 2019Spain
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284288Natural gasJun 18, 2019Jul 17, 2019Germany
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284295ElectricityJun 18, 2019Jul 22, 2019Bulgaria
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284317Electrical equipment and apparatusJun 18, 2019Jul 30, 2019Germany
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284322ElectricityJun 18, 2019Jul 22, 2019Bulgaria
Contract Notice2019/S 116-284398ElectricityJun 18, 2019Jul 28, 2019Poland