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Electrical training is becoming more and more needed. In a world where energy is tremendously important, careers of electrical engineering and services are the trend. The training sessions are generally about reading and drawing circuit diagrams, installation and maintenance techniques and finally about repairing knowledge. Nevertheless, this is not all, the training also includes materials and equipment knowledge and other electricity related services of security measures, which any expert of electricity would need.  Subscribe in e-electricity and find trustworthy  electrical engineering trainers worldwide.


ELECTRICAL SERVICES & ENGINEERING QRO., Is a Mexican company, dedicated to offer solutions in the industrial electrical sector, providing quality and reliability to our customers, in terms of integral electrical services in medium and low voltage.

3Penergy power

3P Energy Power is a Canadian company with great potentials. The team members, even though young and limited in number, but they are professional and skillful. Therefore, they operate in a wide range of services of energy management. Namely, the team offers energy audits and modeling services, power system studies and research, R & D advanced micro grid implementation, energy planning, risk analysis, big data analysis, etc. They also provide training sessions of energy management, power systems and other interesting topics in energy engineering field. They organize numerous professional conferences and seminars related to the same field. Eventually, 3P Energy Power deals also with several aspects of the renewable energy sector. 


African Sustainability & Development Group is a multidisciplinary Nigerian group. In fact, the company deals with three major aspect of energy management. Mainly, AS&DG offers a set of renewable energies opportunities; solar, wind, biomass and natural gas are their main field of activity. Therefore, AFSE is a young team of experts and a company functioning under the umbrella of AS&DG. The broad experience of the team made all related services of consultancy, engineering, assistance possible. The Group counts always on the expertise of the team for continuous development and research in the field of sustainable energy technologies. The Group encourages diversity and sustainability of energy sources. Thus, it provides awareness campaigns and sustainable solutions for industrial usage


Solar Hands is fresh company based in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates. The young but skillful team is conveying high quality services in the field of solar energy. The services involve technical and environmental support. Besides the company provides engineering services for customers who want to implement advanced solar technologies. Furthermore, Solar Hands maintains all related projects to solar power plant construction and financing also maintenance training. If you are looking for innovative solutions and services, Solar Hands are the suitable destination.


German Solar Academy Cameroon is a trustworthy training academy. The German expertise with the Cameroonian efforts has led to an innovative vision. The array of services comprise installation techniques, smart energy management, optimization of electricity consumption and safety measures. Moreover, they offer audits and feasibility studies, drafting of technical specifications, full sizing of facilities, development of technical drawings and site plans design, etc. German solar academy Cameroon is efficiently oriented to individuals, communities and businesses. 

Smartech Solutions

Smartech Solutions is a Tunisian company established in 2005. The team offers technical solutions to upgrade and optimize the quality of production. The team is specialized in the areas of process control, quality control, and instrumentation. The services offered by the company revolve around site surveys, assistance, control and maintenance for an optimal performance of the production system. Besides, the team conveys engineering services: design of solutions in the fields of instrumentation, construction services: accomplishment of C & I systems, procurement services and maintenance services: needs analysis, planning, inspection of operations and management, etc. The company offers monitoring and project management in addition to training sessions in the field of smart technological solutions and qualifications. 


Ecowell is a Moroccan company operating in the field of air conditioning and renewable energies. The company is the exclusive distributor of the renowned brand Toshiba for air conditioning systems. The range of products includes Split wall systems, Multi split wall systems, Variable Refrigerant Volumes, hot or cold systems. Ecowell also distributes solar thermal systems for the brand Nobel. In addition to these activities, the company is responsible for the study and design of various installations of photovoltaic collectors. This includes on grid photovoltaic installations, PV lighting and solar pump sets. Offering a complete service kit to its customers, Ecowell offers training sessions to installers and provides consultancy services. In order to guarantee the highest level of performance and operation, the company offers its customers maintenance services for Toshiba and Nobel equipment. Ecowell is certified ISO 9001 version 2008. 

The Wolt Techniques

THE WOLT TECHNIQUES is a corporate manufacturer of solar products in India. The perpetual innovation and improvements in their technologies led to a solid system reliability. If we can focus on the main products the company is manufacturing  all related items to solar power systems. In addition, Wolt Techniques is a major producer of related solar irrigational systems too. Moreover, Wolt Tehchniques provides useful training in the domain of electricity and solar energy. To conclude, the company can maintain an entire task of solar power plants from its beginning to its full achievement successfully.

schneider electric

Schneider Electric is a large and a well-known company of energy equipment and smart management as a whole. The long experiences, which encompasses 170 year is a source of inspiration and expertise. The company has branches all over the world. Accordingly, Schneider Electric Egypt is one of the most prominent affiliation in North East Africa. The management of energy is based on innovation, technology, commitment, continuous development and reliability. The production and distribution of R&D equipment and a long range of other products is their main specialty.

Solarenergy Oran

Solarenergy Oran is an expert Algerian company of solar energy trainings. It offers a wide range of chapters and material courses about solar energy deployment and installation. The syllabus includes the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, solar pumping, the integration of photovoltaic equipment in industrial and agricultural sector, PV solar lighting, the implementation of simple kits for solar energy lighting, control and management of solar equipment. Besides the courses, involve maintenance of solar systems and Industrial electricity. Among the topics proposed we can find also the wiring of electrical cabinets, instrumentation and electrical industrial devices courses.