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Wind Energy

 Many countries have decided to adopt renewable energy as a solution to environmental problems, health conditions and mainly to expensive prices.Wind power is becoming more and more demanded as it is the source of much needed energy which is electricity. Are you in search for wind energy companies that are working to provide the best services and prices in that field? Find out Top wind energy suppliers which matches with your needs, sign up now in e-electricity and ask for a free quote. Didn't find the needed wind energy supplier that responds to your request? Let suppliers find you.

Ecovolt Romania

Green energy ... the final frontier and also a new beginning? ... or just a new stage on the scale of evolution?


Taking advantage of the long experience gained in the 7 years of designing and installing alternative energy systems, but also having the benefit of the permanent support of the world's most renowned equipment manufacturers, ECOVOLT has succeeded in implementing dozens of projects in Romania over the past years.

Ecosolutions Ltd.

Solar, wind, geothermal energy is one of the most widely known and known Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

Unlike fossil fuels (oil, lignite, hard coal, natural gas) whose reserves on land are limited, the energy of RES is inexhaustible.

The inexhaustible energy of RES, however, also costs money and is an investment that should always be depreciating and making a profit.

The right materials combined with the correct installation and maintenance specifications ensure the viability of the investment and its duration.

Energy savings are often more important but also more efficient investment than energy production.

For example, when we want to design a renewable energy system for an installation, our first concern will be to invest in energy saving and then choose the way and its production system.

Energy savings in Lighting, Refrigeration - Heating - Air Conditioning, Water Production and Processing, Transport are areas where our company invests daily in research and human resources to offer today and tomorrow the best solutions to its customers.

Ecoalternativ Construct

  • With over 7 years experience in the field, we ensure the execution of quality works.
  • Optimizing your investment.
  • Meeting customer requirements.
  • Technical consultancy and choice of optimal renewable energy solutions specific to each job.
  • Reliable equipment.
  • Rapid and professionalism.
  • Design, installation and service of photovoltaic systems.

ECO Solutions Ltd

ECONOMICAL and ECOLOGICAL Solutions Using Renewable Sources.

ECO Solutions Ltd. was established to help individuals and companies to fulfil year 2020 targets set by Government of Malta in line with EU directives to

* reduce carbon emissions,
* produce electricity by using renewable sources and
* increase efficiency of current applications
using the most affordable and top quality systems & gadgets. ECO Solutions is geared up to provide commercial and technical support, installation, maintenance services and information to those interested in renewable energy. We are appointed Malta Distributors for the Schueco, SunPower, SMA and several other world renowned, top quality brands in renewable energy sector.

A member of our sales and surveying team can visit prospective customers in Malta and Gozo to deal with sales enquiries, assess suitability of the property for appropriate ecological and economical solutions & provide quotations. Our team of professional engineers are trained and experienced with renewable energy systems. They are full-time employees of the company and are fully insured. They are also  responsible to design systems that fit individual requirements, prepare proposed systems for installations, carry out installations and provide prompt after sales service.

ECO Solutions has supplied systems and consultations for end-user customers in Malta as well as abroad. Our installed solutions range from a single panel system for a four-person family, to the systems that are composed of hundreds of panels for commercial installations. We also provide micro wind turbines, LED’s and other gadgets that are instrumental to fulfil our obligations for our generation and generations to come.

Our company is part of Alf Mizzi and Sons Ltd. , an investment holding company of a conglomerate of business units spanning a broad portfolio of business interests and industry sectors.  These range from the wholesale of foodstuffs, office and computer equipment, furniture, white goods, paints and other products to restaurant and hotel operations, manufacturing, services and real estate.

ECO Solutions is an MRA registered supplier and installer and we are planning to be the first renewable energy systems’ installers accredited with ISO 9001, demonstrating the company’s commitment to QUALITY.

Eco Power Shop

Eco Power Shop specialises in energy solutions and energy efficient products including wind turbines, solar panels, LED lighting and solar chargers.

Reduce energy…Reduce costs…

We help our customers reduce their energy use and energy bills by offering a wide choice of different products and new technologies to ensure our customers find the best product for their needs.

We've been open for business since 2010 and we strongly believe in a 'can do' approach. We want to help our customers reduce their energy consumption and costs, whilst allowing them to still enjoy the convenience of everyday modern living.

We are a proud member of British Marine and we offer many marine-specific renewable energy products such as wind turbines and solar panels designed specifically for use on boats.

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Eco Energy

Eco Energy LLC was founded in October 2010 and over time has been able to become a leading company in the field of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

The mission of Eco Energy is to participate in the innovative development of Russia, to improve the quality of life of people through the development, production and introduction of equipment using renewable energy sources, as well as other nature-friendly energy systems. We strive to meet high standards in all areas of our business and build relationships with partners and customers on transparent terms. We are responsible to customers for the quality, functionality and efficiency of our equipment, and to our partners for full compliance with our obligations. Our company is constantly working to ensure that the products and services offered are the most useful, high-quality and reliable. Also in the offices of our company, you can always bring unnecessary or used batteries for recycling. Take care of nature and love it so much

Dörnbach Energie GmbH

It all began when we converted our own production facilities in the metalworking Dörnbach Group to energy self-sufficiency. The long-term enormous savings in energy costs and gained experience led us to found Dörnbach Energie GmbH.
Due to our background as a traditional manufacturing medium-sized company, we understand the problems of our customers from our own experience very well. In addition to classic energy consulting, we offer you solid, tailor-made solutions for your own energy generation.
That is our motivation - always with the goal of sustainably reducing your energy costs.

Devices srl

We begin to do something in our small way to produce Electricity in order to respect the environment and encourage the development of alternative, renewable and inexhaustible energy sources.

We at DEVICES srl are committed to researching and creating new technologies to exploit the Wind, the Sun and other renewable energy sources, even for small needs.

Defra d.o.o.

Our desire and goal is to promote, develop, build and exploit renewable energy sources in order to ensure reliable economical production of electricity and heat, while achieving the goals of sustainable development and environmental protection. We will realize our vision through the promotion, implementation and information on the benefits of the production of   electricity and heat from renewable energy sources that participate in the exploitation of natural resources without any harmful effects on the environment.


dBCOM consultants for alternative energy. "The" address in Best (near Eindhoven) in Noord Brabant for:

- solar energy grid connected

- solar panels autonomous for caravan, camper, boat or holiday home,

- rainwater systems

- energy advice for your home.

That is in short the core of the activities of dBCOM.

The aim is to contribute to the faster introduction of environmentally friendly products and systems.

How do you reach dBCOM?

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