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Electrical equipment companies in canada

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in canada the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Enel X

Enel X is a global company, which is transforming the energy world. The company is a pillar of technology, which is harnessed to serve energy. The business leader of high tech energy is active in the field of electric mobility (electric cars), public lighting, smart city, efficient energy management, distributed generation, microgrids, and energy infra structure. The skillful team also provides services of smart bill management, advisory, operational and maintenance services. The company has strong roots or sustainability, innovation and high tech smartness that enabled it to be a power of transformation in its field. 

3Penergy power

3P Energy Power is a Canadian company with great potentials. The team members, even though young and limited in number, but they are professional and skillful. Therefore, they operate in a wide range of services of energy management. Namely, the team offers energy audits and modeling services, power system studies and research, R & D advanced micro grid implementation, energy planning, risk analysis, big data analysis, etc. They also provide training sessions of energy management, power systems and other interesting topics in energy engineering field. They organize numerous professional conferences and seminars related to the same field. Eventually, 3P Energy Power deals also with several aspects of the renewable energy sector. 

Amray Solar

Amray Solar is a Canadian manufacturer of solar equipment. The peculiarity of the company is shown through its variety of products array. In fact, Amray Solar is a manufacturer and distributor of solar system components and equipment such as PV panels, inverters, mounting systems and other varieties and accessories. The company also offers solar water heating systems with a special online monitoring control. Besides, Amray Solar delivers off grid or stand-alone system of solar power and efficient solar storage banks. Eventually, the company is a service provider when it comes to EPC expert support

EnergHall inc

Energ-Hall is a Canadian company operating in the field of renewable energies, including wind and solar energy. The activity of the company includes designs and repairs. The company achieved various projects in the domain of electrical engineering, electronics, instrumentation, automation and control. Energ-Hall offers to Canadian, North American and international customers’ energy solutions to access a clean, secure and free electricity supply via renewables. It also offers its customers the most effective recommendations in order to reduce their electricity bills and save energy. 

Lambda Solar Energy Inc

Lambda Solar Energy is a Canadian company, which offers turnkey solar systems and services for the residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. The company strategy is to spread the culture of the use of solar energy. The services offered by Lambda Solar Energy include free evaluation of energy situation of the facility, audits (analysis of energy consumption and how to reduce it, system design, etc.), and the implementation of on grid and off grid PV systems. Lambda Solar Energy deals also with LED lighting, heating or air conditioning apparatuses, voltage stabilizers, power correctors, etc. Lambda Solar Energy handles the administrative procedures for obtaining all permits, subsidies and incentives for the installation of solar systems. The company equip its facilities with the best products available on the market that insures power efficiency and reduction of costs.  


Global Solar is a Canadian company expert in solar equipment and services. The experienced and professional team is ready to convey best quality services. For clarification, the team is researching and prospecting most trustworthy and low cost products of solar and wind energy. Then, the engineers consequently follow the operation and approve certifications for the produced items. After this mentioned stages the of  premium quality products finding Global Solar team starts the distribution process. Their network reaches beyond Canada.