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Electrical equipment companies in egypt

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in egypt the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Sun City Energy

SunCity is an Egyptian company with an economic and environmental objective of spreading solar energy in the entire country. The idea is to provide clean and sustainable energy in good prices for a growing customer base in the country and across. Therefore, the team offers comprehensive solutions of photovoltaic systems, solar pumping, off grid solar pumping. The company is not only offering efficient solutions to every electricity need but also offering innovative, practice and cohesive answers to electric growing demand. 

schneider electric

Schneider Electric is a large and a well-known company of energy equipment and smart management as a whole. The long experiences, which encompasses 170 year is a source of inspiration and expertise. The company has branches all over the world. Accordingly, Schneider Electric Egypt is one of the most prominent affiliation in North East Africa. The management of energy is based on innovation, technology, commitment, continuous development and reliability. The production and distribution of R&D equipment and a long range of other products is their main specialty.

AGL Solar Technology

AGL SOLAR is a renewable energy company based in Egypt. The expert engineers are ready to receive all kind of problems related to solar energy and fix it efficiently. They operate on small or extensive projects thanks to the respectful manufacturing capacities. The team produces PV and thermal equipment and systems. Besides, they reassure the installation of any provided system. In addition, the team works on solar lighting systems and solar pumping products. There is also a study and research unit, which takes care of the engineering consultancy parts. AGL Solar provides best maintenance and after sales services.


Sunwayegypt is an Egyptian company established in 2014. The expert team is providing premium performance in energy products. The ability of the production is large due to the innovative solutions. The company is providing cheap and clean energy support. Solar power solutions are especially in the field of on and off grid systems besides hybrid systems. In addition, the company is proposing Open and closed loop system for a better central Thermal operations. Then, Sunwayegypt offers pumping  Irrigation and Circulation system for swimming pool and Water supply delivery, all of them are empowered by the sun.

High Quality

High Quality is an Egyptian company established in 2013. The young but skillful team is responsible for the supply of a long array of products. These products are related to cables, various types of wires, lighting equipment, solar energy pumping systems, security and safety systems and low voltage products. Consequently, they are ranked premium quality companies for the successful implementation of numerous projects. The projects are mainly in the domain of hybrid power plants, irrigation installation systems, and lighting products establishment. 

Sunile Egypt

Sunile is an Egyptian company of renewable energy. The broad experience of the team and the sunny weather of the Arab Republic of Egypt have created a solid foundation of prosperity. The main arena of activities of Sunile Company is solar pumping and solar heating delivery. They work on the advancement of a wide range of pumping grids. Whether on or off grids, the expert team are able to provide latest and most effective products and packages. The unbeatable prices, the high performance and the characterized services are their key factors of success. The strategy of Sunile is growing their partnership spectrums and establishing a premium quality services and products.


Onera Systems is an Egyptian company created by MEET Egypt to be its branch in renewables. Therefore, it works on the alternative energies arena and the production of electricity through sun, wind and other hybrid systems. Onera is providing the appropriate designs and concepts to a better deployment of solar power. In particular, the company is undergoing processes of research and development for the best exploitation of photovoltaic energy. Onera Systems upholds a green orientation and maintains the promotion of a clean ecosystem. Consequently, it is concentrating on providing professional and innovative clean energy answers to meet the needs of Middle East.

PV tech Renewable Energy Solutions

PV Tech Solar is an Egyptian company established in 2007. The company has carried out many projects in the field of solar energy. Moreover, equipment of irrigation pumps and solar lighting stations were also achieved and installed successfully. PV Tech Solar is a member of the Egyptian Federation for Construction Contractors since 2007. The company is a pioneer in the electrification arena. It is an importer and exporter of electrical equipment in general and solar energy grids in particular. PV Tech Solar operates in Egypt and across, its activities reached a number of Arabic and African countries.