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Electrical equipment companies in hungary

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in hungary the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Egboltos Ltd.

The Egboltos name was inherited from our other past activities, which also had a bearing on the Sun, the sky.

We are / were dragon flyers who, in addition to the love of nature, brought us precision. We boarded our own planes, so our life depended on working well or wrong. From the direction of authentic measurement technology and banking machines, we started to work with solar panels.

Through years of correspondence, we have reached the point that we are no longer looking for manufacturers, but they are us, so we are always aware of what's new. Nowadays, we are primarily working with the relatives and acquaintances of our former customers, which suggests that we are satisfied with our work. Our motto comes from Robert Bosch: "Let's lose money rather than trust"

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E.&S.+E. Kft. (

With the help of the technical equipment produced for this purpose, we can utilize the sun's rays: using solar cells, which can be used to generate electricity, and by means of solar collectors, which can be used to produce heat in a modern way.

Best Solar kft

The owners of the company are dedicated, private individuals in Hungary who feel responsible for our environment, for the use of renewable energies as much as possible. Owners and employees of the company committed to sustainable development and their passion for continued technological innovation have increasingly turned the company's attention to alternative energy sources as well as cost-effective and energy-efficient investments. During our investment career, we have learned to pay attention to every forint. In this spirit, we manage the investments of our clients and represent the interests of the projects entrusted to us. We have learned that the quality of thoughtful design and execution greatly influences the future operating costs of power plant systems. We are interested in long-term business relationships. In fulfilling our assignments, we rely on our knowledge of the latest computer design methods and energy efficiency. The introduction of alternative "green" energy-based systems will greatly help the infrastructure and logistics management of businesses and municipalities with significant real estate portfolio and / or asset portfolio, planning of maintenance tasks and expenditures, drastically reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Best-Solar ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the design and construction of electricity generation systems within the field of innovative solar energy utilization. We offer our customers a turnkey solution from a few kilowatt power systems for family houses to industrial buildings through tens or hundreds of kilowatts to megawatts of land-based solar power plants.

We provide our customers with a complete service ranging from design to turnkey delivery to maintenance and system monitoring.

Our principle is reliability, precision, engineering expertise.


Our services:

- free advice,

- designing a solar system.

Alternative Solutions Kft.

Since 2010, our young, dynamically developing company has been designing and completing solar cell systems. During this time, we also installed small power plants besides residential orders. We believe in environmentally conscious and long-term solutions, so we only market high quality products. Our clients include a number of public institutions and well-known Hungarian major investors.

5 arguments for us

- We work with qualified professionals and reliable partners

- We help you make the decision with personal advice

- You can entrust installation with planning and licensing

- Due to our extensive assembly team network, we are deployed anywhere in the country

- We guarantee the quality of our products

Alternatív Energia Rendszerek

Nowadays, we hear nothing but the time to change. We have to switch to renewable energy sources because… Why?

First, because this solution is environmentally friendly. Of course, this argument is not the same for everyone. Which, however, leaves no one cold, is cost-effectiveness. Certainly, with the use of renewable energy sources, we can save big sums.

Often these are the use of solar panels and solar collectors. They are often confused, although they do not serve the same purpose. The solar collector generates heat, which can be used for water heating, but the solar cell generates electricity that helps to eliminate the zero of the electricity bill. True, these systems alone are not capable of solving heating or water heating or power supply, but are extremely practical and can be used as an additional energy source.

The answer is simple: for everyone! Obviously, in institutions with higher utilization rates - ie swimming pools, hotels, condominiums, schools, retirement homes - the amount invested is faster. This means that, for example, while in a family home, in the worst case, the cost of a solar system will be paid back in 14 years, a hotel may even spend up to 8 years on the amount spent on it. However, it is important to keep in mind that after a one-time financial investment, savings on the invoices can be felt immediately (even in the case of family houses, in amounts of HUF 10,000).

Alfanap Kft

We design and build solar pump driven pump systems. With solar tracking equipment, the performance of solar panels will increase by 30-50%.

Ace Solar

Our company is ace Solar - / K-Net Energy Ltd. was founded in 2007 and has been dealing with solar panels, solar inverters, solar cell structures and complete solar system design and implementation since 2010, mainly in Székesfehérvár and in the county, but also in the surrounding counties we work often. More than 100 solar systems have been operating reliably for years with the greatest satisfaction of the owners. That's because we always design and build the most appropriate system for our customers. This is due to our quality suppliers and stable workforce.