E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in india the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

PN Automation & Energy Solutions

PN solar is a part of Swami Vessels Pvt. Ltd. which is a 35 years old company. Our solar journey began in september 2017 and since then, the company has managed to secure work order of more than 700 kW.   PN solar is a fully integrated solar solutions provider having a wide range of solar products with state of the art technology and industry expertise. Headquartered at Jalgaon, PN is  active in supplying of solar energy systems for Households, Private users, Commercial enterprises, Institutions, Public facilities and 

  Investors. PN offers standard and customized designs, Construction, Monitoring, Operation, Maintenance and after sales service practices that align with customers’ unique needs. We have the technical know-how and experienced team in the field of commercial and utility scale power systems. Built with the best quality components and designed with the experience and expertise of the leading solar industry experts, our systems are known for high efficiency and reliability, providing years of worry-free service and an  excellent return on the investment.

ATES India Pvt LTD

ATES, Leading service provider offering high quality, cost effective solutions in engineering design and software area with domain expertise in Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Custom Software Development, Web based Solutions Development, Website Development, Technical Support and Maintenance of your Business Applications.

Our strategies adopted focuses towards reducing time to market, optimize resources and reduce costs, thereby creating a measurable and sustainable business impact. We have a dedicated team of experts with a solid commitment to excellence in all aspects of our service.

ATES holds powerful backup engineering design center in Chennai -India, with dynamic, multi-faceted team of skilled engineers with immense experience and expertise in the field of engineering design and engineering analysis.

Spare Solution

Supplier of Electrical cables, Wires, Solar cables, Harness products, String Cables, Tail Cables, PV Connectors, Inline Fuse, Moulded Fuse, Junction Box, Combiner Box, Inverter, Solar Clips etc.

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Loom solar is an Indian company specialized in solar equipment. They manufacture high quality of solar cells, panels, inverters, batteries and chargers. The company is recognized nationally thanks to its commitment and commercial abilities.  The products have long lifespan, a well established guarantee system and delivery across India is available in 3 days only. They also maintain installation services. The governments of India is supporting Loom Solar, thus, it facilitates all the documentation of approval and subsidies of electricity in addition to net metering provision. 

Jayshree Electricals

Jayshree Electricals is a large Indian distributor. The experience of the team exceeds 25 years, which created consistent foundations for the team to be eligible authorized traders across India. The main products of transactions are contactors, overload relays, switchgears, cables and lighting equipment. Besides the company has larger units of steel, textile and engineering. In addition, the activities of the company touch upon wider spectrum such as chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industries & Power Plants industries.

Nihal electronics

Nihal Electronics is an Indian company. The young team is focusing on the distribution of best solar equipment. The equipment are panels, inverters, batteries water purifiers and stabilizers. Other equipment are available. The company is committed to provide the customers with required product and services. Nihal Electronics is trying to be closer and more efficient than any other distributor thus they have efficient support team and they are available via many communication channel

Ecogreen Energy

Ecogreen Energy is a subsidiary of China Jinjiang Environment Holding. The company first target was the international scale operations. CJE holding is founded in 1983. In 1998 CJE was the first in china to implement an incineration power plant in China. This long journey of commitment and professionalism led to the creation of Ecogreen Energy. The latter is active across India. The company is specialized in waste management and the transformation of that waste into useable energies. The team provides innovative ideas of waste management and conversion into biomass energy. Whether transformed into gas or electricity the company is able to make waste a useful energy source.

Lento India

Lento is an Indian corporate of research and innovation. The R&D (research and development) sector is considered an essential cornerstone of revolutionary productions. Lento is one of the leading companies composed of enthusiastic young experts. The main ground of activity is domestic inverters, UP systems (online and statics), solar basic equipment and others. Advanced technologies and innovative approach are their main features. Multiple variety of products which are personalized according to the customers ‘needs are also available.

Prakash Battery Udyog

PRAKASH BATTERY UDYOG is a major Indian producer and distributor of batteries. UPS systems and batteries are most needed products in the market of storage systems. The variety of the products range and the multiple choices available are noticeable. Correspondingly, PBU is manufacturing UPS storage systems, two-wheeler and Automotive Batteries, e-rickshaw batteries, inverters, etc. The long lifespan and the reliable durability are their main features. The products are environment friendly. Besides their operation of maintenance is easy. Finally, Cronex Batteries maintain a solid reputation as the products and services respect the global standards of high quality.

Arushi Green Energy (India) Private Limited

ARUSHI GREEN ENERGY is an Indian company of consultancy. The main target is solar energy companies. Arushi is specialized in the provision of solutions concerning renewable energy production, solar systems enhancement, procurement management, design and water heating, agricultural drying systems, etc. They also provide engineering design for renewable power plants implementation. AGE is a part of a global network of innovative leaders. Their orientation towards green ecology is supported by the delivery of latest technologies of PVs, thermal panels, off grid systems, and off grid power plants for remote sites. The team supports their customers from A to Z; Arushi is a provider of Turnkeys projects.