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Electrical equipment companies in russian-federation

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in russian-federation the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Eco Nrj

The company Clean Energy  offer to your attention the goods for backup or alternative power of a country house or cottage. Products offered by us have all certificates of conformity and have proven themselves from the best side. Our specialists selected the very best models and kits for their performance, which we proudly offer to all our customers. Our undoubted qualities are:


We are a young and dynamically developing company, but our staff has employees with tremendous experience in the field of energy supply and alternative energy. We connected more than 1,000 facilities to backup power systems, and provided autonomous power supply to over 300 facilities And note that all our clients were satisfied with the work done.


One of our main advantages is the quality of the work produced All our clients are satisfied, because we can afford an individual approach to each client: be it a small country house with a consumption of no more than 5kW * h per day or a mansion with an area of ​​several hundred square meters with a consumption of about 50kW * h per day.


Unfortunately, not all customers leave their reviews due to various reasons and factors. But one more of our qualities - we are extremely honest in everything. All our reviews are customer reviews , not those texts that are not reviews and are written by people for money, as, unfortunately, it has become fashionable to do now.


We guarantee you timely execution of orders Whether it is delivery of small rechargeable batteries or installation of solar power stations. The date of execution of the order is always agreed with the client, and we will do everything to meet it.


We have a cumulative discount system for regular customers, as well as quantity discounts. The principle of individual approach is applicable to all clients. Just call us by phone or send your application to us by e-mail, and we will provide you with the best conditions for cooperation.


All goods sold by us have warranty cards of the service centers located in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, in case of equipment failure, you can transfer it to us, and not contact the service center yourself. We will transfer your equipment for repair (warranty or not) as soon as possible.

In conclusion, I would like to add: choosing us, you choose qualified and high-quality service, adequate prices, cumulative discounts for regular customers and an individual approach to both wholesale and retail customers.

Eco Energy

Eco Energy LLC was founded in October 2010 and over time has been able to become a leading company in the field of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

The mission of Eco Energy is to participate in the innovative development of Russia, to improve the quality of life of people through the development, production and introduction of equipment using renewable energy sources, as well as other nature-friendly energy systems. We strive to meet high standards in all areas of our business and build relationships with partners and customers on transparent terms. We are responsible to customers for the quality, functionality and efficiency of our equipment, and to our partners for full compliance with our obligations. Our company is constantly working to ensure that the products and services offered are the most useful, high-quality and reliable. Also in the offices of our company, you can always bring unnecessary or used batteries for recycling. Take care of nature and love it so much

Clean Energy

The company "Clean Energy" offers modern equipment for home and commercial power plants based on alternative energy sources: photovoltaic panels, GEL batteries , uninterruptible power supplies, wind generators, components and fasteners, as well as professional installation of power systems at affordable prices.

  1. We are direct suppliers of most of the presented equipment, without intermediaries;
  2. We have our own stock of equipment and almost all the goods are in stock;
  3. For over 12 years we have been developing communication equipment and, more recently, Smart Home systems;
  4. We offer one of the lowest prices on the market , thanks to direct supply;
  5. We deliver throughout Russia across Moscow and area - own courier service, to other cities of Russia by means of transport companies;
  6. We individually serve each client and help him solve the problem, taking into account his needs;
  7. We perform qualified work on the calculation, installation and commissioning of equipment;
  8. We care about the performance of our equipment and provide warranty and post-warranty service .


We have been working in the market of Rostov and South Russia since 2010. We have already installed several hundred objects of solar power plants. A list of some of our objects can be found in the PORTFOLIO section  . It is also possible to look, feel, evaluate the statistics of work and talk with the owners of the completed objects, you just need to call us in Rostov +7 (903) 406-58-83 and we will organize for you a small tour.Regular supplies of equipment allow you to quickly complete orders. Full order formation takes from one to ten days. We store the most popular items in our own stock. This means that you will receive your solar power station on the day of payment of the order. In Sochi, Novorossiysk, Pyatigorsk or Stavropol the purchase will arrive in 3-4 days. Do you live in another city of Russia? We will help in this case too! We ourselves will send the equipment transport company.


CJSC APIC Technology has been working in the field of backup power and energy systems since 2010. During this time, the company firmly stood up and won the trust of customers, the satisfaction of whose needs is our main task.

We not only sell, but also install turnkey energy systems, taking into account all the desires of our customers. Based on the location of the house and the needs of electronics, we are developing a project for installing solar panels and installing all the necessary components inside the building to provide all the equipment with food 24 hours a day.

Alternativa Sochi

Alternative energy supply technologies are already a reality. 
We offer ready-made efficient and affordable 
solar energy solutions for apartments, houses, cottages, offices.


We are located on the Black Sea coast, in the resort town of Anapa (Krasnodar region). 
Started working in the "alternative" since 2007.  During this time, they have acquired objects, technologies, patents, and  production. 

Therefore, our achievements may be of interest to you and  we will be able to find options for mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Today we produce some interesting "things".

These are high-capacity flat collectors, vertically axial  wind generators, hybrid systems with energy mixing from  "alternatives" and networks, we collect air-to-water heat pumps, we  install passive cooling systems from ground energy, without heat pumps at all. We received a patent for the blade for wind turbines and mini hydropower plants ...
here are some of our real business: 1.  In April 2012 , we started production of our increased capacity collectors, the results were VERY pleased. 

We were asked to drive them by the guys from the Kurchatov Institute, and to conduct a comparative analysis  between several other collectors, including vacuum collectors .... and I was pleasantly surprised !!!! Ours showed the greatest power in the same conditions, while the area of ​​our collector was the smallest 


For more than 12 years, our company has been engaged in solving problems with the provision of electricity for homes, villas and industrial facilities. We have thoroughly studied this area and have enormous practical experience in using solar batteries, batteries, inverters and other devices to solve problems related to the power supply of any objects.

If you do not have electricity in the country, you have to get used to the constant rumble of the electric generator, breathe exhaust fumes, mess around with fuel, and yet the meaning of summer residences in the fresh air and rest from the noise and dirt of the city. The autonomous power supply system with solar batteries is a silent, modern, eco-friendly source of high-quality electricity for many years, which will allow to use electrical appliances at any time and does not require any maintenance.

If you often turn off the light, but usually it happens at the most inappropriate moments, for example, in winter, when there is no one, or on weekends, the code “everyone has arrived”, the voltage drops and the lights hardly shine, there is a danger of freezing at home, and just sit in the dark, sometimes more than 2 days, quite unpleasant. This problem is easily solved with the help of a backup power supply system (inverter + batteries). In such a system, you can add solar panels to increase the time of autonomy, and when the light is given, the solar panels will reduce your electricity bills.

And it so happens that the network is there, but the electricity bills are painfully beaten on your budget. Solar panels will help. The network system of power supply with solar batteries will allow not only to save, but also to earn on solar electricity.

Our engineers will help you to forget about these problems, we will offer you only the best, proven equipment. We do not have a goal: “just to sell”, we offer only the equipment that will actually work, and not on numbers, based on customer requirements. And the prices are among the lowest in the market. Our “Lowest Price Guarantee” means that if someone offers you a lower price - send an invoice, and we will give you an additional discount, even lower!

We invite you to long-term cooperation and are ready to do everything possible for us and impossible for others.

ALTEKO company two-time finalist of the International Award "Small Energy Great Achievements" 2017 and 2018

Alt Centr

Center for Alternative Energy "AltTsentr" today offers professional solutions in the field of autonomous power supply.

 The establishment of the center began with the equipment trade, but attention to customer needs, competent leadership and flexible response to market changes led to the formation of a number of services for servicing the equipment being sold.    Today, the company is the leader in terms of sales of alternative energy sources and equipment components from leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA, Russia and Asia, and the number of customers served annually in the Urals. The assets"AltTsentr" large set of solutions based on the power with the official manufacturer's warranty.