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Electrical equipment companies in tunisia

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in tunisia the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.


The main objective of SACEM Power Systems is to offer a complete solution that combines electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.

EPCO Consulting

Technical Advisor for renewable energy projects esp. photovoltaics in the area of Project Development, Technical Due Diligence for Project Financing, Engineering and Site Supervision We offer tailor-made consulting and services. Our customers are financial institutions, banks, insurances, developers, turn-key provider and equity investors. Our target markets are Middle East and Africa. Our consulting team comprises international experienced experts recruited from the solar energy industry, with a deep background up to 25 years.


ME & CO is a Tunisian company specialized in turnkey projects of energy management and industrial construction. The multidisciplinary approach and proactive strategy are the milestones of the company. The technical assets and professionalism of the team provided a good grasp on the most advanced techniques of engineering and revamping of installations. Therefore, ME & CO is a partner of CERI Group, which is focused in the implementation of industrial projects as well as any required industrial intervention, optimization and revamping of industrial installations, in different sectors. The company is active in multiple segments of energy and industrial fields, namely: Oil & Gas, Chemical Industry, Cement plant, hydrocarbon and LPG storage depot, Power plants, Renewable energy, Pumping station implementation, Pipelines, Etc. 


Petrotech Africa is a Tunisian company that offers representation, studies and technical assistance services in the Petroleum sector, energy and the chemical industry. Based on its expertise and partnerships with leading global suppliers, Petrotech Africa supplies piping, valves, pumps, fire protection equipment, control instruments, and more. Thanks to its knowledge and partnership with highly qualified suppliers, which are certified and internationally recognized, the company is larger now.  

Power Energie Renouvelable Tunisia

Power Renewable Energy is a fresh Tunisian company specialized in the study, consultancy and marketing of renewable energy systems, especially solar energy. PER Tunisia is the official representative of well known brands such as Solax Power and Suntellite in Tunisia.  The company is committed in a very professional way to convey the best services and supply premium quality of solar equipment. PRE is supplying Solax Power inverters which manufactures according to the highest global standards and they are eco-friendly. In addition, Solax inverters have a wide tracking voltage range to capture more energy and more than 98% efficiency. Thus, Power Renewable Energy is working on high quality ranges of products. The company has a cultural orientation of providing green energy for more sustainable economic balance. 

Sunrise Concept

Sunrise Concept is a young Tunisian company specialized in the distribution of renewable energy equipment. The range of equipment comprises solar panels, inverters, drives for solar pumps, etc. The company offers turnkey solutions for photovoltaic systems connected to low-voltage grid (residential), PV pumping, rural electrification for isolated locations, photovoltaic plants connected to a medium and high voltage grid, etc. The company is also involved in the domain of Electric car charging systems. Sunrise Concept offers turnkey PV solutions for residential, tertiary, agricultural and industrial customers in an effective and responsive way. 


Soteca Electric is a Tunisian company specialized in the implementation of electrical projects. The company is established in 1994, thus it is characterized by expertise and knowledge. The company operates in the following eight sectors where it has carried out several major projects: telecommunication, energy and chemistry, aeronautics, construction, agribusiness, infrastructure, environment, maritime and petroleum sectors. The team ensures the study, design and commissioning of: - Electrical panel (TGBT, switchboard, control board), wiring of cabinets and electrical boxes. They are also responsible for turnkey electrical installation (transformer station, transformer, cable routing), automation and instrumentation. Another great field of expertise is renewable energy. Soteca Electric manufactures and distributes wind plants equipment and photovoltaic systems. They offer also maintenance, installation, street lighting and traffic light services. Therefore, the company is comprehensive and have large capacities thanks to highly qualified engineers.

Sastra Solar Energy

Sastra Solar Energy is a Tunisian company specialized in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels throughout the entire Tunisian territory. The company imports all of its equipment, mainly solar panels, from Germany. These products are featured by high quality and long life span. In addition, the company is legally recognized by governmental bodies, thus, no administrative complications can occur. The company establishes solar power plants, solar pumping systems and provides services of repair and maintenance afterward. Their culture is to provide clean and green energy through premium quality products and reasonable prices. 

Jinko Solar

Jinko solar is a Chinese company established in 2006. The company built a large unit of R&D (Research and Development). Probably, the unit is the foundation of the outstanding status of the company today. Manufacturing latest technologies of Photovoltaic panels and models are their ground of excellence. In 2012, JKS was nominated number 1 in Photon Lab Test for 60-cell polycrystalline proficiency and the globe‘s first company to succeed PID Free test. PID means Potential Induced Degradation, which is the negative process of panels’ losing efficiency faster than expected. That is the loss of energy and reduction of electrical production during the cells’ lifespan (normally 25 years). The company passed the IEC 62804 standard test under 85℃ /85% RH, which is remarkable. At the same year, the company prepared the foundation of first models to maintain EPC projects in the country.(For more details check the article "Jinkosolar A Role Model Company: Future Energy in Safe Hands"

AEP (Avenir Pour l'énergie Photovoltaïque)

Avenir Pour l'énergie Photovoltaïque is a Tunisian company expert in photovoltaic, established since 2011. The company offers turnkey photovoltaic solutions in relation with solar grid and pumping systems. The company offers support in each step of the project establishment. This includes the feasibility study and the size of installation, estimate production, choice of technical solution, administrative procedures, after-sales service and maintenance, etc. AEP is a photovoltaic company approved by governmental bodies of electricity provision. In addition to its design and installation services, the company distributes Atersa photovoltaic panels and solar inverters SMA, the German brand number 1 in the sector. Thanks to the quality and reliability of its photovoltaic installations and equipment, AEP has achieved in 2018 the milestone of 1000 assisted customers, which is about 3000 kWp of green energy installed. AEP also has the ISO9001:2008 certification.