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Electrical equipment companies in united-arab-emirates

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in united-arab-emirates the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Emirates Insolaire

Emirates Insolaire is the fruit of a partnership between Dubai Investments and SwissINSO. The company started its activities in 2013. The expert team is manufacturing and supplying the market by high quality of solar glass and innovative photovoltaic panels. The designs, colors and technologies are pioneering and unique. The technologies used are providing highest efficiency and optical effects. The light is absorbed, reflected and used in an ultimate manner. The aesthetic and the scientific features of the glasses made it a source of beauty and ultimate production of energy. 


Solar Hands is fresh company based in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates. The young but skillful team is conveying high quality services in the field of solar energy. The services involve technical and environmental support. Besides the company provides engineering services for customers who want to implement advanced solar technologies. Furthermore, Solar Hands maintains all related projects to solar power plant construction and financing also maintenance training. If you are looking for innovative solutions and services, Solar Hands are the suitable destination.

Intertek Global Limited

Intertek is a solid leading industry operating since 130 years. The long journey dates back to Edison and others when they wanted to revolutionize the world of electricity and they succeeded. Therefore, the group is considered now one of the benchmarks of quality assurance in the world. Multiple ranges of specialty are insured. As far as energy and electrical power is concerned, Intertek is testing, inspecting and certifying unlimited range of products. The list comprises R&D, raw materials sourcing, validating certification, auditing, consulting, training and safety. The huge capacities and competences in addition to the large number of employees are the pillars of success.

SMA Solar

SMA Company is established in 1983. SMA is a pioneer company of photovoltaic products and renewable energy solutions. The concept of a decentralized energy supply is in the core of their vision. Photovoltaic energy is not only a mere source of electricity generation for the company. SMA ideology is deeper than this; they adopt the idea of a 100% renewable energy plan for the future of the planet. More than 3000 employee are investing their time and energy to provide best services to achieve the ultimate goal of the company, which is spreading a new vision worldwide. The new vision of SMA is establishing renewable energy as a basic, essential orientation until it becomes the norm globally.

Power n Sun

Power n Sun is the Marketing and Distribution Company for Power back up, Power quality, Solar Energy Products, and Solar Solutions in Middle East, South and Southeast Asian countries. We belong to the communities we operate in, and work for their betterment by reducing carbon footprints and making smart power solutions available thought out the day and night, today and tomorrow. We drive trust, transparency, and technology through the value chain we operate in and provide complete system, supplies and solutions.


NEEMTECH is consultancy innovative company based in Dubai. The consultancy services they provide comprise health, safety and environmental issues. The company is providing most relevant and efficient solutions for any problems concerning Energy, Smart Grid, Smart Metering & Utilities and Environmental Engineering too. The expert team operates on multiple global industrial issues. For instance, Neemtech works on the provision of risk assessment, safety and Sustainability engineering and Green Building Design. The company is internationally oriented and works across the five continents.