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What are the nowadays commerce channels?

Experts would like to know more about the market big trademarks in their domain. The benefits of knowing the market trademarks and the network of a large suppliers’ list are crucial facts in shaping your business plan. Most importantly, if you are a buyer in energy sector, which is a landmark sector of the twenty first century, and you would like to join most dedicated and committed electrical equipment companies, you have to find the right track to begin with.

Contemporarily, the channels of commerce have changed drastically. The commercial form where the buyer has to contact physically the supplier and vice versa is now an old-fashioned way. At the present time, e-commerce has changed the world map of marketing once and for ever. Exploring the market would be the best first strategy you have to undergo. The exploration of the market, in our case the energy market, has been made easy through websites. Yet platforms have made it effortless. 

e-electricity is the solution 

Considerably, e-electricity platform is one of the most trustworthy Business-to-Business (B2B) platforms. Save half of your time and energy and adhere to the platform to find out a list of electrical manufacturers and equipment companies. Take into consideration, that e-electricity is a non-compelling, free of charge network. The most pertinent energy suppliers ‘details are displayed. Buyers would benefit from an expanded range of electrical equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

The crucial question, now, is how to contact the required electrical equipment company through e-electricity platform? Clearly enough if you sign in to access the platform you would find in the main menu the word “Suppliers”. Within that section, a full list of available suppliers in e-electricity platform will be shown. If you click on any electrical company publication, on the mentioned above list, you would find all the necessary details about it. You have the right to access to the company’s details and contact them directly through the provided information (a phone number, an e-mail address or a website).

Moreover, a letter icon will be sometimes displayed under the supplier name. This icon is optional some suppliers could activate it; others would prefer to disable it. Through the icon “letter”, you can engage in a direct conversation with the supplier marketing manager. In case the supplier has deactivated the button of direct conversation, you have two options, the first as we previously explained to collect the necessary data he provided and contact him through phone or email. The second option is that you contact our active support team. 

How to contact electrical equipment companies

What is the procedure?

The procedure would be explained in a smoother and more methodic way in the next paragraph (read “the procedure to follow):

You also still have other channels to explore through e-electricity platform. The channels are a Facebook page, a Tweeter account, an Instagram page, a Google+ service, and a YouTube channel. If you are keener to the usage of social media, you are welcome to join.

The procedure to follow:

  1. Sign in and accede to the main menu.

Please, notice that a new member needs to sign up if he/she wants to have full access to this service.

Click on the button suppliers to find the full list of electrical companies worldwide.

  1. Click on the button Read more, to read the electrical company card that will be displayed with all the details and list of products that it offers. You can simply contact him directly and send a request on the platform by clicking on the contact button (the tiny letter icon)

Please notice that the contact button can be activated or disabled, according to the publisher preferences.

  1. Click the button “online” If you have any additional question, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team in case you have any difficulties.


Please notice that there are other interesting sections we are going to explore in the next “How does it work” descriptions.

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