Publish Tender or Consultation

How to empower your market?

Empowering your market relational and enhancing your network seem to be essential steps towards prosperous business.

The question is how to undergo such essential measures? First, go ahead and search for the right place to start. In a world, led by technological advancements e marketing is the only key factor to start. Operative e-commerce is built upon two main factors: willingness to share and cleverness of business planning.  You have to know your precise needs and your target, then how to achieve them. How about a 10electrical energy0℅ free platform that gathers the openness factor and provides the clever starting point for you?

What is a platform?

A network that enables you to build your business relations, to buy what you need from a vast market of energy companies and the opportunity to display what you have. E-electricity is a reliable network free of charge, which affords a solution to you to extend your commercial activities in the field of . Companies or even governments are invited to submit their electrical tenders with easiness and safety.  The platform provides equal and fair opportunities to all members in order to support maximum number of participation in a very transparent way. E-electricity is free of any kind of nepotism, cronyism, discrimination or any preferential treatments.

Not forget to mention that, also, participants who have -in smaller scale- consultations to offer are also very welcomed. Consultations are a lucrative way to open new portals of businesses. 

What is the procedure?

Would you read the following procedure to know how to publish a tender or electrical consultation in e-electricity platform. Please remember that giving the appropriate details and documentation about the tender you offer or the consultation you publish is tremendously important to attract other suppliers to bid to gain your tender or consultation. This fact would boost your chances hugely. Bidders would communicate with you directly and in a safe way.

Publish tender or consultation e-electricity

The procedure is the following:

  1. Sign in and accede to the main menu.

Please, notice that a new member needs to sign up if he/she wants to have full access to this service.

  1. Click the button publish (within the section service below the main page)
  2. Choose “Tender” or “Consultation” as a main decision.
  3. Fill in the requested sections carefully:

-If you choose to register for the submission of a tender: start with Tender Details, Key Values, Tender Location and finish with Tender documents.

-If you choose to register for the submission of a consultation: start with consultation Details, Key Values, consultation Location and finish with consultation documents.

  1. Click the button save to make sure that you safeguarded your submission details successfully.
  2. How to Bookmark a tender? It is essentially to have time to decide, meanwhile, you would like to bookmark a tender or a consultation -to study it later- you only have to press the button “bookmark” then it would be registered in your toolbar account


  • Please notice that there are other interesting sections we are going to explore in the next “How does it work” descriptions.
  • The platform maintains the protection of personal data and privacy.
  • For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team.