Price of ac sf6 245 kv circuit breaker

Type LW24- /T outdoor H.V. A.C. dead tank SF6 gas circuit breaker is a new kind of circuit breaker with self-blast interrupter and spring operating mechanismon the basis of technology of product imported from Mitsubishi, Japan.The latest achieve—arc extinguishing principle of gas-blast pressure adapting with breaking-current is employed,by which most of energy required for breaking rated short-circuit current are acquired from arc itself.Therefore, the demand for operating power is reduced significantly. The three pole interrupters are placed inside three metal enclosures respectively. The circuit breaker can be mechanically three-phase gang-operated. Both remote electrical control and local manual control can be realized. Type CT20-II spring operating mechanism, provided with the product, is a kind of mechanism with low operating power, minimum maintenance work needed and high reliability. The product reaches international advanced level in the respect of main technical performance.

High Voltage Power

By Alice Jiu