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Ecostal is an importer and a wholesaler of green energy solutions and particularly photovoltaic and LED products.

It was created in 2008 by two young entrepreneurs and is situated at Jalhay (Liege District).

Specialized in global solutions for photovoltaic installations, Ecostal has become in 5 years one of the leaders in this field in Benelux.

In its quality of importer and distributer, Ecostal addresses only to the professionals of the photovoltaic sector, offering to the installer a complete solution, thanks to its large range of products and brands. You’ll find in our portfolio the whole set of articles for the photovoltaic installation such as solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, monitoring, flat roof solutions, trackers, electric accessories, etc.

Ecostal has two logistics points, one in Belgium and one in Luxembourg, with a total storage capacity of 3.000 m², allowing us to manage more than 750 active references and ensure our clients a very quick delivery (24h) within Belgium.

Ecostal’s annual sales, in constant growth since its creation, exceeded €35 millions in 2012. The same year we sold more than 15 MW of photovoltaic panels and more than 40 MW of inverters, which represents more than 5.000 of installations.

We are proud to count more than 350 regular customers within Belgium and also some solid partners in Europe.

Comparing to the trading activity, Ecostal emphasizes on the quality of its commercial follow-up, its proximity and its flexibility.

Ecostal is actually able to offer a customized service either to a bigger customer, importing and providing the full containers of solar panels, or to a smaller customer, delivering a full photovoltaic kit directly to the installation place.

The important sales’ volumes and the quality of its purchase service allow to Ecostal to provide products of good quality at competitive prices.

Ecostal is not only providing equipment, but also offers to its customers a complete technical support and quality after-sales service. Since 2012, Ecostal also offers to its clients an assistance in industrial projects.

Ecostal it’s not only a dynamic and experienced company, but also a long-term partner to its customers and providers.