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In 2013, we are  going to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our firm whose history dates back to 1974 and which has united its experience in the fields of electricity, winding and submersible pumps under the name of Sartel Cable in 1998. In a short time, we were able to make a good reputation in the cable industry with our differences. We started exporting to Finland, in our facility in the district of Aydın, Nazilli and today our company exports 85%  of its exports to the European market and its surroundings. Today we have one of the largest low-voltage cable capacities. As of 2012 we are a dynamic cable company with 115.000 m² of space including 18.000 m² cable production facility area, 5.000 m² of copper wire manufacturing plant area, 2.000 m² submersible motor winding wire manufacturing facility, in total a covered area of 25.000 m². Latest system control technologies are used in all of our facilities and we have the industry’s most efficient machines and equipment.

Sartel Cable is engaged in the production of all kinds of low-voltage energy product groups such as PVC insulated conductors, PVC insulated Y-cables, Y-cables, XLPE insulated, PVC insulated control cables, rubber insulated cables, lift and submersible pump cables, fire-resistant  and heat-resistant cables with the domestic and international standards. In addition, it produces submersible motor winding wires for submersible motor manufactures. The quality testing of all cables that we produce are done in our quality testing laboratory in accordance with the standards in facilities equipped with high quality equipment by ourqualified engineers. 

Aware of the fact that customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with staff motivation, we try to create high motivation in our employees, and we continue our production activities with machinery, equipment and technology which are both the human and the environment-friendly. For the aim of  a better service to all customers of Sartel Cable it moved it's address to Denizli at the beginning of 2014

Sartel Cable which has grown with the support of its customers will continue to be a significant player in the turkish cable industry by continuing its new investments without interruption and by bringing added value with its achievements.