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SACEM SMART delivers high quality products and innovative designs. It is an affiliation of SACEM Group. The entity is specialized in developing more technological advancements in terms of electrical grids. Last part of its responsibility is the delivery of number of services in the field of Smart Grid. These smart devices have an essential role in the efficiency of electrical delivery system. SACEM Smart is trying always to develop technologies that are more advanced. To provide such a service, the experts in SACEM are providing high quality solutions. They are indeed working to develop a fully automated system of electricity delivery. Accordingly, increasing the equipment’s life expectancy. SACEM Smart introduces the latest smart metering, lighting, distribution automated systems and smart renewable energy grids. The variety of smart grid activities and products makes SACEM Smart a comprehensive entity. The branch SACEM Smart is devoted to present the latest and most proficient technologies to keep pace with other top electrical companies worldwide and to satisfy its global customers.