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Alternatív Energia Rendszerek

Nowadays, we hear nothing but the time to change. We have to switch to renewable energy sources because… Why?

First, because this solution is environmentally friendly. Of course, this argument is not the same for everyone. Which, however, leaves no one cold, is cost-effectiveness. Certainly, with the use of renewable energy sources, we can save big sums.

Often these are the use of solar panels and solar collectors. They are often confused, although they do not serve the same purpose. The solar collector generates heat, which can be used for water heating, but the solar cell generates electricity that helps to eliminate the zero of the electricity bill. True, these systems alone are not capable of solving heating or water heating or power supply, but are extremely practical and can be used as an additional energy source.

The answer is simple: for everyone! Obviously, in institutions with higher utilization rates - ie swimming pools, hotels, condominiums, schools, retirement homes - the amount invested is faster. This means that, for example, while in a family home, in the worst case, the cost of a solar system will be paid back in 14 years, a hotel may even spend up to 8 years on the amount spent on it. However, it is important to keep in mind that after a one-time financial investment, savings on the invoices can be felt immediately (even in the case of family houses, in amounts of HUF 10,000).