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Electrical equipment companies

E-electricity is a global professional bridge of suppliers and buyers concerning electrical sector as a whole. The Electrical Equipment Industry involves the totality of companies, which are working to manufacture electrical equipment or to provide services. Consequently, e-electricity provides a full list of top electrical equipment companies and suppliers who are working hard to provide the best services.

These companies are also willing to offer free quotes and bid to the published electrical tenders. New market patterns and electrical equipment are designed to satisfy customers from all over the world. Subscribe for free and display the full list of suppliers and enjoy other services related to the energy sector.

Searching for the proper company who can provide the best electrical equipment is a very difficult task, however, e-electricity has made it easy for you. Companies and suppliers of electrical equipment are already logging in e-electricity and waiting for your request. If you were looking for the suitable electrical equipment and service supplier then e-electricity could be the adequate platform for you. 

Sino-NSH Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Sino-NSH Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd is a high-tech Company which is engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing lubrication purification equipment. Its parent company, Sino-NSH High-Tech Company, was established in 1992.

NSH regards technical innovation and satisfying service as its philosophy. Taking advantage of Human resources capital and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced purification technology, NSH is committed in making purification equipments. NSH passed the approval of the ISO 9001 quality system and become the main manufacture base of purification machine in China

NSH Oil purification equipment series are extensively used in the fields of electric power, petroleum, natural gas, mechanical manufacture, steel, metallurgy, railway, aviation etc. which consume lubrication oil. It's the principal products covering more than 100 kinds of products in 7 series and can meet different needs of customers. For special demands of customers, we offer particular solutions. NSH products are not only able to low customers' cost and security risk effectively, but also solve the problem of which the waste oil contaminates environment.

The KGS Group

Established in 2013, Kenya Green Supply has been selling Solar Home Systems in Western Kenya for the past 4 years. To better understand the market conditions and conduct invaluable market research we initially sold and piloted other businesses’ solar home systems in Western Kenya (including Bomet, Kakamega, Eshisiru, and Webuye), utilizing a combined in-house sales force alongside solar distributors. Our time and experience gained in the Kenyan market has led us to the development of our latest product, the AllSola TV, the first integrated solar-powered device in the market that provides direct access to the Internet and digital TV.


Founded in 1945 by Sir Sidney Hamburger, Searchlight Electric remains a family owned business and is now an established and recognised supplier of decorative lighting to the very best specialist lighting retailers, multi-national chains and distributor partners across the globe. Innovative and contemporary lighting designs are supplemented with traditional and modern classics to meet all styles and trends, customer requirements and quality standards. 


PuREnergy is part of IIT - Hyderabad Technology Incubation Centre (Sponsored by Govt of India), which has taken the plunge to design and implement innovative solar energy solutions to industrial, commercial and residential users


We provide our customers with engineering solutions that work reliably and retain compatibility and expand-ability for generations to come. This is possible because we are an owner-operated company, independent of the stock market, and able to look beyond the next quarterly result. That's how we have the space to create lasting solutions for the sustainable benefit of society and the environment.


At Denig Solar we are making state of the art solar and battery solutions for a variety of situations. Our high-quality systems are based on the best products and are approved by the Nigerian and Danish authorities.
​We deliver plug and play Solar-systems with battery banks that ensures clean and free power 24 hrs. around the year. The systems are scalable and you can start out with a small system and later add to the system, as you need changes. The solar panels produce the power during the day – even in cloudy weather - and store enough power in the batteries for use at night. Due to our high-quality standards, the systems will provide you with clean, free and silent power for 25 years!
If you don’t have the room or the need for solar panels, but will avoid power outage a UPS is the perfect solution. Our quality plug and play systems are very easy to install and will be charged by the grid-power whenever power is available. When the power is out, our system immediately takes over and deliver power for all your appliances. Compared to a generator this solution is cheap – doesn’t require repair or fuel – and is completely noiseless!
​At Denig Solar we take pride in our service – and you are never left alone with a system that doesn’t work. Our qualified technicians are ready to provide the best service on the marked – and we are just a call away.

Uriarte Safybox

Uriarte SafyBox is part of the Uriarte Enclosures Group, an international holding with production plants in Spain, Poland and Portugal with presence and certifications in more than 70 countries of the 5 continents.

We are specialized in manufacturing polyester reinforced with fiberglass enclosures since 1972.

Non-metallic boxes that provide the best protected space to any electrical, water, gas, telecommunications equipment and undergroud infrastructures; ideal in the most demanding and aggressive enviroments.


We offer 3 lines of business:

Empty enclosure:
The widest range of boxes and cabinets on the enclosure market, leaders in the sector due to its character and original design.
Customized projects, covering all your needs.
We machine all our enclosures with our 2 robots enable to cut in 5 enclosure sides, 4 CNC machines and waterjet machining facilities. In addition we mark with laser your logo or bidi code permanently. We have also recently integrated a new 3D printing division to complement the wide range of standard accessories.
Full Solutions:
Your complete turnkey equipment with the advice of our engineering and I+D department.
We design and assemble all the components inside the enclosure for any Industry: Solar, Utilities, Electric Vehicle, Railways, Airports, Industry, Street Lighting, etc.
 WE ARE ENCLOSURES: Above all, Our Team of People.
We want to enjoy every day at work and this is reflected in our relationship with our customers, business partners and above all friends.
Seriousness, Honesty and Personalized Attention,… but always with a friendly smile.
Small details that make us unique.


In 2013, we are  going to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our firm whose history dates back to 1974 and which has united its experience in the fields of electricity, winding and submersible pumps under the name of Sartel Cable in 1998. In a short time, we were able to make a good reputation in the cable industry with our differences. We started exporting to Finland, in our facility in the district of Aydın, Nazilli and today our company exports 85%  of its exports to the European market and its surroundings. Today we have one of the largest low-voltage cable capacities. As of 2012 we are a dynamic cable company with 115.000 m² of space including 18.000 m² cable production facility area, 5.000 m² of copper wire manufacturing plant area, 2.000 m² submersible motor winding wire manufacturing facility, in total a covered area of 25.000 m². Latest system control technologies are used in all of our facilities and we have the industry’s most efficient machines and equipment.

Sartel Cable is engaged in the production of all kinds of low-voltage energy product groups such as PVC insulated conductors, PVC insulated Y-cables, Y-cables, XLPE insulated, PVC insulated control cables, rubber insulated cables, lift and submersible pump cables, fire-resistant  and heat-resistant cables with the domestic and international standards. In addition, it produces submersible motor winding wires for submersible motor manufactures. The quality testing of all cables that we produce are done in our quality testing laboratory in accordance with the standards in facilities equipped with high quality equipment by ourqualified engineers. 

Aware of the fact that customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with staff motivation, we try to create high motivation in our employees, and we continue our production activities with machinery, equipment and technology which are both the human and the environment-friendly. For the aim of  a better service to all customers of Sartel Cable it moved it's address to Denizli at the beginning of 2014

Sartel Cable which has grown with the support of its customers will continue to be a significant player in the turkish cable industry by continuing its new investments without interruption and by bringing added value with its achievements.


We bring you a good portion of enthusiasm and innovative spirit, and a long experience in electrical installations, photo-voltaic and security electronics. Today AFRISOLE TECH wants to be among the innovative companies in the field of energy and security, our clients testify.

-ENERGY INDEPENDENCE : We offer Personal and Professional Eco solutions for energy independence, thanks to a range of equipment rigorously selected, from production to storage, through the conversion of energy Photovoltaics. We are ready to provide you quality service so you belonged to the circle of close  PRODUCER-CONSUMER.

-NEW SOLUTIONS : AFRISOLE TECH also provides specific training and technical assistance to install any range of photovoltaic products, thermal, solar air and any complete technical documentation dedicated to different products.
-AFRISOLE SECURITY :  security is an essential element in our lives within the means that we put into play to improve our well being. security is useful or even mandatory for any business or commercial activity this allows peace of mind for any offense will be a visible guilty and well determined. Given our partenaiat now German FUESYS GmBH we provide you quality safety materials German.


Story of Baytaş started in 1996, Ankara, Turkey. Following years Baytaş has became a leading company through the LED sector based on the motto, "RE-CREATE YOUR COLOURS". since 2003. Bayled exports the Reliable Products manufactured to many countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Taking extreme care in manufacturing only the registered products elaborately designed by us, our company continues to increase its number of products and to increase its customers' trust.

We continue to increase our efforts in our R&D department to produce flawless moulds using latest technology CNC machining centres, plastic extrusion machines, as well as high accuracy universal machine tools.

Distinguished from its competitors by QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM implemented from the very first day, aiming at developing and manufacturing customer satisfaction focused products, Baytaş Lighting exports to more than 20 countries.

Aiming at being on the top of the sector, Baytaş Lighting will continue to serve its customers and the sector through its highly specialized personnel, fast growing range and reliable product range.