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Direct Power

With the depletion of fossil fuels such as coal or oil and global warming, the development of sustainable alternative energies (solar, wind, geothermal, hydraulic, etc.) has become a priority.

Among these energies, solar photovoltaic (PV) consists of producing electricity by transformation of solar radiation by photovoltaic cells connected together to form a photovoltaic solar module or solar panel whose grouping will form a photovoltaic solar installation. This solar installation can supply a local need (with storage) or be directly injected, after transformation into alternating current, in an electrical distribution network (without storage).

Offers in the field of  solar photovoltaic (PV) are expanding day by day and in the midst of all these offers, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate and to make the difference between short-term solutions at the expense of quality and those which ultimately will bring real and lasting gain.

  • Direct Power with its long experience and the skill of its teams will help you make the right choices.
  • Direct Power imports and distributes quality products selected from recognized suppliers .
  • Direct Power, thanks to these logistic platforms,  guarantees you availability and quality of service.

Its staff made up exclusively of engineers enables Direct Power to direct its customers towards the best choices for their projects in the field of renewable energies.

Dijkman Energy Systems

We are the right party for you! 

Dijkman Energy Systems is the party for you when it comes to generating or saving energy. Your specialist in solar panels, solar boilers, infrared and your adviser in cooperation with fellow companies to make the entire house more sustainable with, for example, a heat pump. Dijkman Energy Systems has been active in the sector since 2010 and therefore has extensive experience in this area. 

Dia Thermiki

DIATHERMIKI SA? is a multi-member company that was founded in 1999 by the merger of 7 branches - members and then it was developed with the participation of 180 branches - members of the Network from all over Greece. 
Today we are the Greater Network of Energy Stores in Greece. 
Our goal is to cooperate with the best store in every city. Our aim is to strengthen our member stores so that they become and remain in the city centers of technical service and commercial traffic. 
The choices and the full range of products and proposals give the right solution and success . 
In DIATHERMICthe success is also ensured by excellent prices across the range of products.

Dews Marine Electonics

Dews Marine provides marine electronics navigation equipment maintenance, sales and installation. We also sell, install and maintain renewable energy systems including solar panels and wind generators.

Dews Marine, Founder and CEO, Paul Dews
Paul is an ex-merchant navy electronics officer qualified with the Marine radio services General certificate, and additionally certified in DOTI radar maintenance, SCOTVEC electronic navigation equipment maintenance. He also holds an H.N.D. in marine electronic engineering.

Paul has been fixing faults on marine vessels since 1971, and founded Dews Marine which was established in Ibiza in 1990. He carries out the first line maintenance and job estimates, and can be sent a message here.

Devices srl

We begin to do something in our small way to produce Electricity in order to respect the environment and encourage the development of alternative, renewable and inexhaustible energy sources.

We at DEVICES srl are committed to researching and creating new technologies to exploit the Wind, the Sun and other renewable energy sources, even for small needs.

Designergy SA

Designergy SA is located in Switzerland and operates in the construction sector since 2011. It developed a unique and innovative idea for building roofs, consisting in a modular system with excellent thermal insulation and complete water tightness all integrated with photovoltaic. The company has its own research and development department and an active production line in San Vittore, Grison.

Designergy, was founded by a synergist group of partners merging different strategic backgrounds with leadership capabilities, to develop innovative technical and commercial applications within the PV sector.

Demas Großhandel GmbH

Reliable and flexible - this is how demas Großhandel GmbH stands by its partners from trade, commerce and industry in all matters relating to electrical, LED / lighting, photovoltaics and accessories. Unlike classic wholesale, we pursue a philosophy that focuses on individual and renewable solutions.

With our department Demas Solutions you have us as a reliable partner for individual complete solutions at your side. If you have a concern in the LED area, we will find the right solution. You say what you like and we show you how you can realize the project.

Delta Electronic München GmbH

Delta Electronic Germany GmbH has devoted more than 15 years towards developing and marketing renewable energy. Together with our partners, we have managed to build up a successful network in France, Germany, Africa and Asia and to integrate our products into the market. From photovoltaics on residential buildings, to our energy-saving streetlights with and without solar, to state-of-the-art, future-oriented kinetic power plant technology – we stand behind your project from the get-go! With the support of strong partners, such as SolarwattHeckert SolarKLSAEuropolesRosch InnovationsHTL and our own alternative energy solutions, we have made it our objective to market mostly German products. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Delphi Electric SRL

Delphi Electric is a Romanian & Belgian join venture company founded in Romania in 2005. Specialized in electrical heating systems distribution, the company has grown continuously in last 9 years, currently representing several internationally recognized brands to Romanian market in the field of electrical and radiant heating as well as renewable energy: Fenix, Flexel, Atlantic, Energie, Veito, Eberle, REC, SMA. Through its national reseller & installers network, Delphi Electric offer A to Z solutions embedding consultancy, design, installation, sales and post sales support, as well specialized trainings. Since 2011 we distribute photovoltaic modules and inverters for system integrators, and moving forward we aim to consolidate our position as national distributor of intelligent electric solutions.  

DEG Deutsche Elektro Group

As a sales brand of Sonepar Deutschland GmbH, we - DEG - provide a full range of products, our contribution to the optimal supply of electrical trades and retailers as well as industrial companies and the public sector.

We are active for our customers with 46 locations in 3 sales regions (middle-east, north, west) and more than 1,000 employees throughout Germany: personal on-site support is a matter of course for us! The dialogue and direct contact with our customers are the basis of common success.

Our primary goal is to put our clients in a better competitive position and to provide them with optimal support in the conduct of their business activities. Our services offer the success of our customers for the purpose:

Our strengths - personal, comprehensive and fast advice, support and delivery: