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dBCOM consultants for alternative energy. "The" address in Best (near Eindhoven) in Noord Brabant for:

- solar energy grid connected

- solar panels autonomous for caravan, camper, boat or holiday home,

- rainwater systems

- energy advice for your home.

That is in short the core of the activities of dBCOM.

The aim is to contribute to the faster introduction of environmentally friendly products and systems.

How do you reach dBCOM?

Need more information or order a product? Call or e-mail us. We will send a brochure or a quote immediately.

See also our delivery conditions.

DanSolar ApS

DanSolar is a Danish-owned company founded in 2006 with the purpose of contributing to the common global goal of reducing the use of fossil fuels, and thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce climate change, the consequences of which are already felt both in Denmark and globally .

DanSolar's goal is to contribute to the green transition through the sale and development of innovative products within solar energy.

Danish Solar Energy Ltd

We are one the pioneers in the field of solar energy with 20+ years of global experience. We have designed and delivered innovative solution for varieties of solar project, more than 1000 cases worldwide.

Dahlmann Solar GmbH

Dahlmann Solar is your reliable and competent partner for renewable energies with special emphasis on photovoltaics. We have proved our competence in several hundred customer projects thus far. 

With an annual sales volume of 30 MWp for 2010 we are also one of the most important wholesalers in North Rhine-Westphalia. We share our know-how and practical experience as a distributor of leading manufacturers with our business partners and installers. 

Renewable energies are modern, cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and significantly contribute to a global trend reversal in energy politics. This is our conviction, which we represent not only in Germany, but also increasingly in other European countries. 

Dachtechnik Hisker

Originally Antonius Hisker worked in the company founded in 1975 by his father.

Dachdeckerbetrieb Dachtechnik A. Hisker was founded in 1995 by Antonius Hisker, after he passed his master's examination in Waldkirchen on 16.02.1995.

As a guild and master enterprise we offer a high quality for our trades.

We focused on the creation of


Roofing services

Delivery and installation of roof windows


Solar and photovoltaic systems

Dachdeckermeister - Winfried Huhnstock

  • Roofing with brick, slate & sheet metal
  • Facade design of all kinds
  • Chimney demolition, renovation and new construction
  • Dachklempnerei
  • solar systems

Quality and reliability are our top priority. We offer various roof coverings with clay tiles, concrete roof tiles as well as different types of slate roofing. For statically under-dimensioned roof trusses, we use a lightweight roof covering in brick design. We design your façades with tile hangings, slates, beaver tails and ornamental elements. Difficult drainage problems are not a hurdle for us. No longer functional chimney systems are demolished and disposed of properly by us. We renovate and wall your chimney in clinker form. Slate or Eternit cladding is available in different colors. All plumbing work is carried out in zinc, copper or, if desired, in plastic.

CW Products GmbH

The company CW-Products GmbH - Innovative Wind- Werbe- & Energietechnik was founded on 06.06.2000 at the Notary Office in Wolfach, with its headquarters in Hornberg, Hohenweg 24. 
In the first years we dealt exclusively with the development of innovative advertising media, and later with its distribution. Significantly resulting from the so-called. Wind advertising gyroscope, a flagpole which is effective for advertising by the wind driving force of the 3 flags turns around its own axis. 
At one of the world's largest consumer fairs in the world, the Euroshop in Düsseldorf, a success. 
Cooperations with flag manufacturers etc. up to the patent sale in div. Lands originated in this time.


Finally, in 2004, we decided to take a closer look at photovoltaic technology. 
Soon, first ideas for the further development of the underframe technology in the form of a single-axis tracking technology on a time basis (control by switching computer) were developed. 
Prototypes and smaller projects ultimately culminated in the first major order.

So one thing led to the other and the PV technology developed rapidly to our core business. Since about 6 years we deal almost exclusively with the planning, the sales and the site management of photovoltaic projects.

In the meantime, PV systems with a total output of several megawatts have been created in recent years.



We celebrate 10th anniversary !!!

The ever increasing demand for photovoltaic projects is forcing us to expand.

A move to new premises and a sales expectation of about 5-6 million euros mean new dimensions for the CWP GmbH.



The ever decreasing remuneration rates confront us with ever new and complex tasks.

Thanks to a sophisticated purchasing policy and self-developed substructure solutions, however, we are also well positioned in the market in 2011.

At the same time, further developments are being carried out on tracking concepts as well as new products in order to open up further market segments.


2012 & 2013

The grid parity has been reached. For the first time, there is less feed-in tariff than the current electricity price for end customers.

Own consumption & storage is the name of the new topic.

Developments to specially developed storage systems and marketing concepts are increasingly determining our everyday lives.


2014 & 2015

The "sun tax" has reached us and determines the self-consumption facilities.

Nevertheless, our motto is: "Now only right!"

Photovoltaic pays off as before.



Direct marketing from 100KWp becomes mandatory.

In addition to new obstacles, this type of marketing in conjunction with self-consumption also offers new opportunities.

Contact us.


Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

The company of Crystec is a European trading company, specialized on the import of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese machines. We can offer sales consulting and service assistance for this equipment. We can offer many different machines for the semiconductor, the LCD / display industry as well as for solar module manufacturing. Because of the product range of our main partners, we started some time ago also to distribute machines for metal work, mainly round and surface grinding machines as well as fitting grinding wheels and also steel hardening furnaces. Our main partners are listed below. However, we can offer for many applications equipment from several sources. We can offer high quality tools as well as machines for a really attractive price.

Crystec has been established in December 1994, mainly as a representation of Koyo Thermo Systems, Tenri, Nara. Koyo Thermo Systems had no European representation before this date and Crystec started building the business in Europe for them. Koyo Thermo Systems is a furnace manufacturer for semiconductor, LCD/PDP, electronic and industrial furnaces. In the beginning Crystec concentrated on the semiconductor industry and meanwhile Crystec has several big customers in Europe.

Cozzolino Srl

La Cozzolino srl was founded in May 1988 by the innovative entrepreneurial spirit of Francesco Cozzolino The activity begins in Nola (NA) , in an expanded structure year after year to support the progressive growth of the company.

In 1999 the company becomes a srl ​​and the entry into the national consortium in the following year gives it greater visibility at regional and national level. In light of these developments, a capital increase was carried out during 2002. Thanks to the correct strategies adopted, the company continues to experience constant growth in business volumes.

Over the years, four other points of sale are opened to ensure its presence in the region (Acerra, Boscoreale, Sant'Anastasia and Giugliano), while the Nola office is moved to a new facility with 1200 square meters and 2500 square meters uncovered, intended for the movement of goods and ample parking.

Furthermore, the private label Gigra Line is created and registered , the exclusive brand with which it produces and imports material on its own technical specifications.

The continuity ensured by family management alongside the use of the most modern information systems, the technical expertise of its collaborators and the implementation of competitive commercial policies, have made Cozzolino srl one of the most important realities in the distribution of the entire regional scenario .

Today Cozzolino srl is a point of reference for industrial complexes, dealers and installers and faces with confidence and enthusiasm the new challenges of the global market.


Coromatic ensures that organizations can maintain their business without interruption. As the leading Nordic provider of solutions for business-critical infrastructure, we guarantee continuous power supply and data communication.

Our comprehensive solutions and expertise enable us to take total responsibility - from strategy and design to integration, maintenance and service-critical business infrastructure. Our expertise includes power and cooling, networking and data communication as well as security.