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Combi Energy Systems GmbH

The CES Combi Energy Systems GmbH, headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria, sees itself as an international wholesale trade company in the field of renewable energies with a focus on solar thermal energy, wind energy and photovoltaics.

In the course of our activity we support our customers with their projects, hold training courses and advise on funding issues.

The dual benefit of buildings is always interesting: therefore we develop projects with solar carport systems. This ensures shading and power generation in one, from a single parking space to large parking area roofing. 

After our foundation in 2010, we focused on our product portfolio for the home and farm sector, ie small to medium-sized plants. Very quickly, interest from commercial and industrial companies has been shown, so we have expanded our product portfolio accordingly.

As our company name expresses, it is our aim to achieve added value through combinations of the various specialist areas of renewable energies.

As an Austrian company, CES works together with its authorized specialist partners throughout Austria, as well as in the Czech Republic, Romania and Serbia. We are active in Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia via CES specialist partners in the border regions of Austria.

Coenergia Srl

Coenergia Srl was created to cope with the increasing demand and search for technical support from designers and installers in the electrical, thermal and construction sectors.

To do this it makes use of the experience gained in the field by its founders who have thus decided to continue contributing to an ever-increasing spread of the eco-friendly energy philosophy.

We deal with the distribution and sale of photovoltaic material , produced thermal and thermodynamic air conditioning and heating smart technologies e-mobility , produced for l ' lighting and appliances to energy saving .

Cocoon Ecoclima

The company has been active in the field of Renewable Energy Sources since 2005, offering integrated solutions for both autonomous and interconnected photovoltaic systems. Having secured important partnerships with partner suppliers, we have the ability to provide high quality products at competitive prices. We also have photovoltaics of the best German and Japanese companies.


Co2Pro is one of Scandinavia's largest wholesalers within energy optimization. This applies to solar cells, heat pumps, LED lighting, hand dryers, etc. We are your partner. With us you get both advice and design / dimensioning within both sun and light.

  • We provide the best service .
  • We are flexible .
  • We make tailor-made solutions.
  • We provide customer support and technical support.
  • We are trustworthy .
  • We only work with quality products that are sustainable and secure the economy on the long run.

Clear Energy GmbH

As a specialist in photovoltaic systems and renewable energies, we provide clear concepts for clean electricity. In times when the resources of fossil fuels are coming to an end, there is no alternative to rethinking: the use of solar power must become a matter of course.

solar_wiese.jpgThe advantages are obvious: it is available almost indefinitely and thus meets the increasing energy demand. It is free from harmful CO emissions and therefore climate-friendly. He is safe and does not cause any disposal problems. Anyone who feels responsible for future generations, therefore, relies on renewable energies - as a matter of course.

As a service provider, ClearEnergy develops suitable locations throughout Europe for photovoltaic projects of all sizes: for the supply of private households as well as for solar parks with a capacity of several megawatts.

As a young company, the ClearEnergy Group has a strong desire to innovate, improve technologies and reduce costs. Because only when solar power is not only the best ecological solution, but also economically the best solution, will the application become a matter of course.

Clean Energy

The company "Clean Energy" offers modern equipment for home and commercial power plants based on alternative energy sources: photovoltaic panels, GEL batteries , uninterruptible power supplies, wind generators, components and fasteners, as well as professional installation of power systems at affordable prices.

CHOC Discount

Our company is located in the Maine et Loire a few kilometers from Nantes. We are specialists in the destocking of heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy solutions (ENR). Thanks to our 15 years of experience, we are number 1 in destocking in France for this type of equipment. We work every day to offer you excellent opportunities at bargain prices. Are you looking for energy savings? Want to know everything about the operation of a heat pump? Its installation? Its maintenance and its cost? What is the air / water heat pump? What are the best renewable energy solutions? What is the price of a heat pump? Should we do a boiler recovery installation? Should we replace the entire installation? What is the power needed for your home? You must answer a few questions. What is the surface of your house? Is she well isolated? Is it heated floor or radiators? New housing or old house? 

Chainaud Et Associes Sarl

CHAINAUD ET ASSOCIES (SARL) is your multi-specialized company in Poitou-Charentes which puts at your service more than 35 years of experience in the works of electricity, heating / air conditioning, sanitary and insulation.

A 100% professional approach:

Our team of experienced and highly qualified electricians and heating technicians meets all the needs of our customers, especially 
in terms of installation, repair, troubleshooting and renovation.

Professionalism requires, we give our customers all the useful and necessary advice for an efficient maintenance of their installation and 
 equipment. Similarly, they can use our services for the installation and installation of photovoltaic panels.

In addition, CHAINAUD ET ASSOCIES (SARL) sells equipment from the best brands such as: Atlantic - Schneider - 
Hager - Detadore - Bosh - Legrand.

Celltech Battery Sales & Service Ltd

Celltech Battery Sales & Service Ltd have been in the battery distribution business since 1986 and have been successfully selling VRLA and Ni Cad batteries into various markets within the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We are a National Authorised distributor for Yuasa amongst others. Celltech are also able to provide battery maintenance services throughout the UK, which include installation, replacement and disposal should your require this.

Over the years we have established a large and loyal customer base, to which we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service and reliability, along with quick response times.

Celltech AB

Celltech is the Nordic region's leading battery supplier. Together with our customers and partners, we develop batteries and battery systems for all types of applications. From idea to production, from standard products to customized solutions.