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Appels d’offres en électricité

E-electricity platform is a B2B network of global energy procurement and electrical tenders. This professional platform is a reliable source of information and contacts considering the entire energy sector. Find out here recent electrical tenders in india published which are up-to-date and trustworthy.

Type d'avis Référence Titre Date de publication Date d'échéance Pays
Avis rectificatifIN-OSDMA-40583-CW-RFBDPIU/GJM/ODRP/18/2015-16Construction of internal Roads and Drains in relocation site at Nua GolabandhaJun 23, 2019Jun 23, 2019Inde
Avis rectificatifIN-OSDMA-40581-CW-RFBDPIU/GJM/ODRP/16/2015-16Construction of internal Roads and Drains in relocation site at New Podempeta, Bhramarakudi, Aleswar Road, Noliasahi BinchanapalliJun 23, 2019Jun 23, 2019Inde
Avis rectificatifIN-OSDMA-40582-CW-RFBDPIU/GJM/ODRP/17/2015-16Construction of internal Roads and Drains in relocation site at Diadein, BT Nuagaon, JRG Pur, Sipakuda Site-I, Sipakuda Site-II, KMM Pur, Sapagouri, Gourangapatana, BalibagadaJun 23, 2019Jun 23, 2019Inde
Avis rectificatifIN-SPDCL-AP-2469-CW-RFBSupply & Implementation of SCADA for balance 33/11KV Substationsin Vijayawada city of APSPDCLMar 25, 2019Jan 29, 2019Inde
ProjetsIN-PMU-104434-CS-QCBSConducting the Structural Assessment of Old Multi Purpose Cyclone Shelters(MPCS) and preparation of DPRs.Mar 7, 2019Apr 10, 2019Inde
ProjetsIN-PIU-GVMC-103847-CW-RFBBeachfront Redevelopment works at R.K.Beach (Package-II)Mar 7, 2019Apr 19, 2019Inde
Avis de marchéSILK/45/CD/2018-19/2627 ASupply and Installation of 20W LED Solar Street LightMar 4, 2019Mar 11, 2019Inde
Avis de marchéSILK/45/CD/344/2018-19/2743LED street LightFeb 27, 2019Mar 6, 2019Inde
Avis de marchéSILK/45/CD/2018-19/2732Supply and Installation of 12 mtr High Mast System (Motorised) with 6 nos. of 150 W LED Flood lightsFeb 24, 2019Mar 5, 2019Inde
Avis de marché39/W/2018-19/DIV-TEST-I/EUDC-I GZBDistribution Transformers work.Feb 10, 2019Feb 17, 2019Inde