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Appels d’offres en électricité

E-electricity platform is a B2B network of global energy procurement and electrical tenders. This professional platform is a reliable source of information and contacts considering the entire energy sector. Find out here recent electrical tenders in kuwait published which are up-to-date and trustworthy.

Type d'avis Référence Titre Date de publication Date d'échéance Pays
Demande de devisRFQ #2058170CALIBRATOR, DETECTOR, SOLAR CHARGE AND LOAD CONTROLLERJan 22, 2019Feb 27, 2019Koweit
Avis de marché72/2017/2018Supply and installation of transformation station 11/132/400 KVDec 12, 2018Jan 8, 2019Koweit
Avis de marché43/2017/2018Supply of underground cables 11 KV in North KuwaitDec 12, 2018Jan 7, 2019Koweit
Avis de marché45/2017/2018Supply of underground cables 11 KV in South of Kuwait cityOct 18, 2018Nov 12, 2018Koweit
Avis de marché2053598Supply Of Meter Pm8000 Power Meter, Panel Mount With Display & Connectivity Hardware - Reference Metsepm8240 For Energy Metering Application In Koc Substations FeedersSep 27, 2018Oct 27, 2018Koweit
Avis de marché22/2017/2018Maintenance and repair of cables 132/33/11 KV, cables amd civil worksSep 26, 2018Oct 22, 2018Koweit
Avis de marché438102825Dabdaba Solar Energy ProjectSep 20, 2018Dec 30, 2020Koweit
Avis de marché2051219Power cableAug 13, 2018Oct 21, 2018Koweit
Avis de marché2052943GeneratorAug 9, 2018Sep 9, 2018Koweit
Avis de marché2051685Power cableJul 11, 2018Aug 5, 2018Koweit