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Avis de marché2019/53222154 kV Şabanözü OSB Transformer Substation Construction of a Ground Investigation Report 154 kV.Feb 7, 2019Feb 19, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2019/41189Maintenance and Security Services of Başkale 400 kV Transmission Transformer SubstationFeb 3, 2019Feb 21, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2019/37149Operation of 1 Stage 3 Group Transformer Substations (Excluding Maintenance and Security Services)Jan 29, 2019Mar 4, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2019/13180In order to realize the energy production of Çamlıca-1 HEPP, which is a part of Çatalan HEPP Operation Directorate, the operation, periodic maintenance, repair and revision works of 30 people with a 2-year period of service procurement work.Jan 22, 2019Jan 29, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2018/675670275 Units 170 kV Measure Transformer 150 Units 170 kV, 400-800-1200-1600 / 5-5-5-5 A, External Oil Current Transformer75 Units 170 kV, 100-200-400Jan 20, 2019Feb 11, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2019/17071154 kV TMİ-1/12/1 Group: Siverek TM, Karababa TM, Molasses TM, Viransehir-1 TM, Viransehir-3 TM,Jan 18, 2019Feb 12, 2019Turquie
Avis diversIC-EE MOTORS-2019/01Framework-based International Chief Technical Advisor on Energy Efficiency in Electric Motors in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey – Chief Technical Advisor (CTA)Jan 14, 2019Jan 27, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2019/12564154 kV 630 mm² 2 cable splices, 2 external cable headers and 2 internal cable headers 154 kV 630 mm² 2 cable splices, 2 external cable headers and 2 internal cable headers Detailed information is attached to the administrative specification.Jan 14, 2019Feb 4, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2018/654572İTM.254, 380 kV Diliskelesi Gas Insulated Transformer Substation Construction 1 Gas Insulated SubstationJan 10, 2019Jan 28, 2019Turquie
Avis de marché2018/619112400 kV TMİ-1 / 10.1 Group Altınordu Transformer Substation Maintenance and Security Services Services Related to the Provision of Services for Technical Services and Contracts in accordance with the Provision of Services 1 400kV SubstationDec 23, 2018Jan 2, 2019Turquie