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Appels d’offres en électricité

E-electricity platform is a B2B network of global energy procurement and electrical tenders. This professional platform is a reliable source of information and contacts considering the entire energy sector. Find out here recent electrical tenders in ukraine published which are up-to-date and trustworthy.

Type d'avis Référence Titre Date de publication Date d'échéance Pays
Avis d'attribution de marché2019/S 043-096780EIB - Reconstruction of substationFeb 28, 2019May 24, 2019Ukraine
Avis de manifestation d'interêt77157Support for the Entity responsible for target setting in renewable energy competitive procurementFeb 11, 2019Feb 28, 2019Ukraine
Avis de marchéLRPS-2019-9146259Overhauling of 3 oil power transformers: TDN 40000/110 (1 pcs), TRDCN 63000/110 (2 pcs) in the Slavyansk rayon, Donetsk Oblast in Gorihovatka, MayorskeJan 29, 2019Feb 14, 2019Ukraine
Avis de marchéITB-UKRA-2019-003/LITB-2019-9143768ITB-UKRA-2019-003/LITB-2019-9143768 Circuit breakers and other equipment.Jan 17, 2019Jan 28, 2019Ukraine
Avis de marchéUA-2018-11-05-000792-aElectric EnergyNov 5, 2018Dec 4, 2018Ukraine
Avis de marchéIFB No. UE/4Monitoring And Control Systems For Smart GridOct 25, 2018Jan 30, 2019Ukraine
Avis de marché2018/S 198-446817EBRD - RK-5 and RK-8 Boiler House ModernisationOct 12, 2018Nov 22, 2018Ukraine
Avis de marchéBOUA20180207002An Ukrainian company, specialized in solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies and manufacturer of PV mounting systems and solar trackers, offers manufacturing / joint-venture agreements for the construction of PV power plantsOct 10, 2018Apr 15, 2019Ukraine
Avis de marchéUA-2018-10-02-000358-aProvision Of Electric PowerOct 3, 2018Oct 16, 2018Ukraine
Avis de marché438265203Vita SolarSep 26, 2018Dec 30, 2018Ukraine