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Appels d’offres en électricité

E-electricity platform is a B2B network of global energy procurement and electrical tenders. This professional platform is a reliable source of information and contacts considering the entire energy sector. Find out here recent electrical tenders in yemen published which are up-to-date and trustworthy.

Type d'avis Référence Titre Date de publication Date d'échéance Pays
Avis de marchéNFDHR / WASH / 76/2018Supply, Installation, Operation And Testing Of Water Pumping Solar SystemNov 8, 2018Nov 15, 2018Yémen
Avis de marché2018/8Supply & installation of electric generator spare partsAug 28, 2018Sep 21, 2018Yémen
Avis de marché2018/9Supply installation and operation of integrated solar powered pumping units for well.Aug 28, 2018Sep 21, 2018Yémen
Avis de marchéYEM10-0000002601Supply,delivery & installation of 70 solar systemAug 14, 2018Aug 20, 2018Yémen
Avis de marchéRFQ-YEM-0047-2018Solar system for StaffJul 28, 2018Aug 6, 2018Yémen
Avis de marchéRFQ-YEM-0037-2018GeneratorJul 8, 2018Jul 22, 2018Yémen
Avis de marchéRFP-YEM-0032-2018Request for Proposal: Develop of Operational Guideline related to Access Solar Energy Lessons Documentation and DevelopmentMay 1, 2018May 14, 2018Yémen
Avis de marchéITB-YEM-0035-2017Supply,delivery and installation of solar systems with different system capacity to Hajja,Hodeida,Abyan and LahjAug 30, 2017Sep 27, 2017Yémen
Avis de marché9100026/miSolar Water Pumping Systems for YemenAug 17, 2017Sep 3, 2017Yémen