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Détails de l'appel d'offre
Tajikistan Winter Energy Project - P150816
  • Type d'avis : Avis de marché
  • Référence : P 150816
  • Demandeur : Provision Of Consultancy Services For Project Management Consultancy For The Rehabilitation Of Nurek Hydropower Plant Project
  • Date de publication : Dec 16, 2015
  • Date d'échéance : Jan 16, 2016


This request forexpression of interest (EOI) for Project Management consultancy services for the Nurek Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Projectfollows the need to have a Project Management Consultant that will supervise all works done by the contractors on behalf of theOSHC "Barqi Tojik".


The Nurek HydropowerScheme is located 80 km (by road) from Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, in the Danghara and Nurek districts of SouthernTajikistan, on the Vakhsh River. It comprises a 300 m-high embankment dam with impervious core, two spillway tunnels in the leftbank designed for an evacuation capacity of 4,040 m3/s and a power plant of nine Francis units for a total installed capacity of3000 MW and a discharge capacity of 1,350 m3/s.


The construction ofNurek HPP was carried out from 1961 to 1979. The initial installed capacity of the power plant was 2,700 MW and was then increasedto 3,000 MW in 1988 through an upgrade of the hydraulic turbines. The units are now facingproblems of vibrations and/or temperaturealarms which require the capacity of some units to be reduced. Unit 8 has been out of operation since 2011 for refurbishment of therunner and the MIV, and then for issues observed on the transformer. In recent years, the maximal capacity of the plant can be saidnot being higher than 2,320 MW.