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Power and energy
  • Type d'avis : Avis de marché
  • Référence : 8441-GPN-47253
  • Demandeur : Qairokkum Hydropower Rehabilitation Project Phase II
  • Date de publication : Oct 24, 2016
  • Date d'échéance : Oct 24, 2017

The Open Joint Stock Company Barqi Tojik (BT) is a 100% state-owned vertically integrated power utility responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Tajikistan. BT intends using loan proceeds from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Investment Bank (EIB) as well as potential funding from the Green Climate Fund (“GCF”) to finance Phase II of the priority rehabilitation program at the Qairokkum hydro power plant.

The Project will complete rehabilitation and modernisation of the Qairokkum HPP, the only power generation facility in the Sugd region of the Northern Tajikistan, following Phase I. The proceeds of the EBRD loan along with the GCF and EIB financing will be used to finance replacement of the remaining four out of six generation units at the Qairokkum HPP, following the planned replacement of two units as part of Phase I. As the procurement process for Phase I is yet to commence the intention is to combine the procurement of all six (6) turbines into one single tender and to procure all at the same time.

The Project will also finance repair of the damaged concrete surfaces, installation of additional safety surveillance equipment, balance of plant and control system and power transformers, together with implementation of improved operational procedures to promote resilience to climatic variability and climate change.